Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Lists

Merry Christmas friends and family,

Last night I cuddled up with the twins on the couch and we dreamed a little.  I asked them to tell me everything they want for Christmas.  They talked and I typed.  Sometimes they didn't think I typed what they said so we would sound out the words to prove my notes are correct.  I told them to choose the top three items from their list and put them in order so that's why the top three are numbered.

1. Baking oven
2. My little pony – all of the ponies, apple jack, pinkie pie, rainbow dash
3. Barbie cruiser – boat that carries three or four barbies
Cake pop maker
Fortune cookie maker
Barbie dream house
Barbie video of Barbie and peacock singer
Furreal friends – turn around puppy, baby butterscotch has its own carrot
Princess lipstick set
Real watch – hello kitty
Hello kitty movie

Layla's requests include three kitchen related items.  I wonder where she gets her passion for baking???  Kendra...

1. Space shuttle toy with detachable rocket boosters and fuel tank
2. X-wing fighter
3. Matchbox Ocean mission aircraft carrier - (we already bought this one)
HotWheels race track
Cybug blaster from Wreck-It Ralph
Nerf gun – glow in the dark
Air mater die cast set
Antworks – space-age live ant habitat
TMNT action figures and costume
Spider-man action figure
Starstream Transformer – dark side of the moon MechTech

Easton's list is no surprise at all.  I was impressed by how quickly he rattled off his list.  Makes me think he's had this on his mind for a while.  Reading through a person's Christmas list really gives you a sense of who they are!  Time to go work on my own list. :)

See you soon.

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