Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Man Down

Hello friends and family,

Kendra is on the mend!  Scott and Marisue brought dinner over for us.  What an extremely thoughtful thing to do.  We were so grateful to see him at the door with food in hand.  Not dealing with meal time was a big stress relief.  I'm crediting that (and not the antibiotics) for Kendra turning the corner.  Just a cough and some sluggishness are all that remain of the beastly cold.  Besides...  It was 95 degrees today so it was impossible for the "cold" to stay around.  

Easton and Layla took a trip to the pediatrician for a "well visit" where the doctor lady proceeded to inject them with three shots each.  Kendra and I took a couple of tries to explain what is a well visit to the doctor and why they have to get poked and deal with sore arms if they are not sick.   No big deal though.  Nothing a sparkly band-aid for Layla and a Bugs Bunny band-aid for Easton won't cure.  They cried, but bravery is starting to shine through more each time they visit the doctor's office. 

The title of this post should have been Little Man Down because Easton caught the sickness and is fighting the fever along with Kendra.  He took two naps today.  Something he hasn't done in about 2 years?  Poor guy is a little moody, but hanging in there like a good soldier.

I had the privilege to take Layla to school and pick her up today since Easton was down for the count.  As I waited outside her classroom for nap time to be over I noticed each child had their picture on the window.  Seems odd to see a picture of the twins which was not taken by me.  :)

School pictures are intriguing, but since I take 5,000 of my own per year I doubt these will hold much value for Easton and Layla as they get older.

The door opened and I expected my typically energetic girl to jump into my arms with a big hug.  instead I found her drooling on her bean-bag pillow like this.

She takes naps about twice per year.  I thought maybe this was a sign she was feeling ill, but as it turns out her dance class and school day was just extra fun.

Layla is making great progress on filling her fuzzy jar through exceptional obedience and good choices.  Occasionally she will respond to Kendra's request with a firm, "YES, mommy I will."  That earns a fuzzy more often than not.  Layla requested a Daddy date for us to pick out her good consequence (reward) for filling her fuzzy jar.  She chose Claire's as the place to find the hidden treasure.  We scoured the entire store looking for the one item she desired more than anything.  Turned out to be a jewel encrusted cell phone shaped lip gloss and eye shadow case.  That'll do.

As we were perusing the isles Layla found the sunglasses and pulled this peculiar pair off the stand.  She tried them on and the mustache hung below her mouth.  No bueno.  So she asked me to try them on and being the most shameless father in history I agreed.  We laughed so hard looking at ourselves in the mirror I thought we were going to get kicked out.

Somehow she came up with the gibberish name of "Mooperton" for me.  I retaliated by calling her Meeperton.  We addressed each other cordially as such for the rest of the evening.  People in the stores must have thought we were insane as we belly-laughed our way down the isles saying, "Meeeeeep....   Mooooop" in varying tones.  Being silly is getting easier by the day because of spending time playing with the twins.

Not everything has to make sense and that's an old concept I'm rejuvenating from my childhood.  My imagination is coming back slowly but surely.

I already wrote about Kendra's Mommy day at Easton and Layla's school in a previous post, but she took a short video clip of them singing that is too cute to pass up.  

It's nice to see the fruits of their labor from practicing songs at school.  Speaking of songs...  Each time we pass the American flag on our Daddy dates Layla notices and requests my a Capella rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.  Tonight she started singing along and I can't wait until we are able to do a duet.  The words are a little awkward for a four-year-old to comprehend, but she's sounding very good none the less.  Makes my patriotic smile hugely wider to hear her singing it...

See you soon!

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