Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dance and Party

What's up friends and family?

The 4 Webbs just wrapped up the most action-packed day since I can remember.  My Saturday started off with an early morning bike ride because the scorching afternoon heat detracts from the enjoyment.  

Arrived home to pancakes and a shower to rinse off the crusty salt patches (yuck).  Easton and I suited up to celebrate Zander's birthday with a boys only back yard bash.  Just add water... and a slip-n-slide.  

Easton was the youngest of the bunch, but jumped right into the action.  Then they started sucking mud into the super soaker water guns.  Things turned messy quick, but the Dads just spectated, laughed, and encouraged.

Somebody said it smelled like a swamp, which Easton has never experienced.  He said, "Dad, is a swamp where Yoda lives?"  His assessment was right on, which means Mommy is exposing the twins to short, age-appropriate clips of the Star Wars movies.  Creating a mud pit, you are.

The other activities included a balloon toss where Daniel partnered up with Easton.  He did really well catching and throwing, but once he learned how much fun it was to break the balloons on the ground he lost interest in winning the game.  I gave him a 2 yard penalty for intentional grounding and end-zone celebration.

Allow me to introduce the titanium dragon pinata. This thing took serious abuse from several rounds of beatings.  No visible effects other than a missing hand.  I held my breath for each swing as the mass of boys stood dangerously close to a blindfolded, bat wielding wild child.  Good times.

We left the birthday party right after cake and presents so we could get ready for Layla's dance recital.  Layla was beaming as she sashayed through the house.

We walked into what I can only describe as controlled chaos.  Dancers, Mommies, and glitter everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  Easton grabbed my belt loop with a death grip because he getting pushed around like a mosh pit.

Layla was overwhelmed with excitement to be in this environment.  About 100 fairy princesses like her all fluttered around preparing for the performance.  The most awesome take-away for me was seeing the twins in the same environment, but having polar opposite experiences.

Layla was so calm and comfortable that she was able to give us a few eye flutters during posing.

And her school friends were all in the same mindset:  laughing, energetic, loving every minute.

Then it was show time.  Layla performed masterfully.  She was the star of the show.  Kendra and I were beaming proud parents, but the better indicator was the packed auditorium's response to her actions.  Hip shake and stiff-armed shoulder rolls...  Show it off, girl.

Talk about exuberant, she controlled the stage like a rock star.

I know her dancing talent is inconsequential because it wasn't a competition.  However, even the other dancers from different schools were watching Layla dance in the middle of the performance because she was doing so well!

Kris, Kylie, and Morgan were so kind to join us in supporting Layla.  Seeing them after the show really meant a lot to her.  I can't wait to purchase the video.

I expected the 90 minute performance to be boring and difficult for Easton to sit still.  My baseless expectations were proven completely wrong.  I really liked watching the groups of little dancers prance around and Easton sat in my lap and cuddled the entire time.  The only trouble I had with Easton was keeping him and myself quite because he tooted.  We tried to stifle our chuckles, but in the process he blew boogers out of his nose and we both lost it.  Luckily during a loud dance routine.

Several memorable experiences I'll never forget all in a single day.  These are the days where parenting is on a whole new level of exhausting, but worth every minute.

See you soon!

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