Friday, May 18, 2012

The Graduates

Greetings friends and family,

Our first summer in the new house is starting off well.  The near-record high temperatures are quickly warming the pool to the ideal temperature.  The back patio is heavily used.  Eating messy bomb pops on the rocking sofa after swimming really hits the spot. Layla is turning into a mermaid with her swimming abilities. Easton is turning into a water gun warrior with his soaking accuracy. 

Easton and Layla are still grasping the concept of just hanging out and talking.  They are both so active and playful that these resting times are still very rare.  If I have to bribe them with a bomb pop to have this time, then so be it. 

The big news story of the week is Easton and Layla's graduation from preschool!  I took some time off work to be with Kendra as we watch the first of many graduation ceremonies. 

The graduation was very different than I expected.  Usually the kid walks up to the front, is handed a certificate, and shakes a few hands.  Their school was impressively better.  Each kid sat on the teacher's lap as she showered them with accolades and memories.  She described the unique qualities of their personality, pointed out a few memorable moments from their photo album, and prayed for them.  Each one. 

Then the obligatory certificate and picture with the teachers.  Easton received the compliments well.  His confidence is starting to show.

Layla described her group of friends as "girl friends", which is appropriate.  However, Easton refers to his rough and rowdy crew of classmates as "boy friends", which doesn't go over so well.  Took me all year to change his description of them.  I'm not even going to bother explaining to him why though.   

Layla is without a doubt the happiest social butterfly in the class.  Smiling, encouraging, leading...  and waving at us the whole time non-verbally saying, "Hooray for me!"

After watching each child interact with the teachers and receive their certificate there is a noticeable difference in Layla's excitement compared to the other students.  Vivacious is still the best word to describe her.

Layla sure knows how to give and receive love from peers and adults.  Kendra and I were proud to cheer for her accomplishment and growth.

Next year is pre-school again, but with a new teacher and class.  The continuous education cycle is spinning already.  I went back to work, but Kendra was able to stay and watch Layla's dance class.  We paid the extra fee for Layla to participate in the dance class this year.  Money well spent in my opinion. 

She's teaching me these moves at home occasionally when we dance together.  I'm learning all the ballet lingo and techniques.  Quite a stretch for a nerd like me, but she is a great teacher already.

For the graduation gift I took them on a shopping trip.  Layla chose the 48 piece Dora princess puzzle as her gift. 

Easton found an F14 fighter jet with wings that move.  His cardboard box airport is still seeing occasional flight patterns.  Especially after adding a new plane to his fleet.

Layla and I took a special trip to the local drug store to get a new nail polish.  It's amazing how much mileage we got from $2 and taking time to paint her nails.  She sat on my lap so I could paint her fingers and then I sat her on the couch with legs over my shoulders so I could paint her toes too. 

After two coats of glittery polish Kendra finished the job with a clear coat of hardening stuff.  She is grateful for our time together and our efforts to make her feel special.  That makes me want to do it even more! 

See you soon.

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