Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Getting Real

Greetings friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are in a bizarre state where we have moments of "Let's do normal things like homework" mixed in with moments of "why is Kendra's cancer treatment plan changing?"  It is hard to explain how I can observe scenes like this and think about how awesome our family is, then switch to thinking about how difficult it must be for Kendra to get poked with a needle six days a week with her life revolving around doctor appointments.

There are aspects of our family that are cruising along as if Kendra isn't going through the toughest circumstances of her life.  Church is stable.  Easton and Layla's friends are oblivious to what's going on inside Kendra's body.  I'm ok with that.   Going to the water park for a church event was a welcomed relief of normal fun.  Kendra swam around without her brace as she floated weightless in the pools.  The twins ran around with their friends having a blast.  I'm so glad to have so many of the right kind of influence in their lives.

My trip to Sacramento was very conflicting for me.  I spent a few hours with Ouma and Oupa.   My non-work time didn't add up to much over 4 days, but I appreciate every hour spent with them.  One night we went to the Jesus Culture church for an evening of worship and prayer.

At the same time, I missed Kendra and the twins more than ever before.  Facetime was valuable in keeping in touch, but just isn't even close to the same.  I talked to the other 3 Webbs every day a couple of times.  Layla was being silly with me at bedtime.

Kendra and I relied more on the video calls than on normal phone calls because it was refreshing to see each other's face during conversation.  Now, more than ever, I value our time together even if it's not next to each other in bed.  Any time i get to hear her voice and see her face is the highlight of my day.

After returning home from the work conference I gladly picked up the kids from school.  Layla's teacher thought it would be a great idea to send Layla home in the 108 degree heat with a piece of construction paper with chocolate chips stuck on with frosting.  What could possibly go wrong with this?  I was cautious enough to place the gooey mess in the floorboard of my car and waited until we arrived home to give it back.

My friend David is staying with us at our house for a couple of weeks.  That means we have an occasional camera man to capture moments like this.  The 4 Webbs were sitting together reading a book on the couch.  This is a normal scene for us each night, but since there is rarely an extra person to capture the moment there aren't many of these gems where all of us are together.

After church I forced the twins to stay in their dressy clothes and hold still long enough for me to take a selfie of all four of us together.  We all looked so good I just had to get a picture.

This coming week Kendra will:

have a PET scan
review the results with the oncologist
find out if she will continue with chemo
find out if she will have radiation treatment

We are believing for a good report from the PET scan to show the tumors in her vertebrae and liver are in remission and no new tumors exist.  Our faith and beliefs are being tested in the most extreme circumstances of our lives.  Prayer and support are the most valuable things anyone can give us.

See you soon!

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