Thursday, August 27, 2015

Betta Fish as pets?

Greetings friends and family,

The twins are gearing for the next star wars movie by fighting each other instead of evil forces.  I know, it's a bit early for Christmas, but Easton is still talking about my promise to buy him the Jurassic World Lego set for Christmas.  Now add on the Star Wars movie opening and we are all already in the Christmas mood.  Easton is officially bought into the world of martial arts.  He agreed to do it for six months so our weekly schedule is going to get a little bit busier.  Layla is still doing figure skating so both of them have their own "thing" they like to do.

Kendra's "thing" lately is getting poked by a needle.  That might all be changing though.  Today she had her chemo appointment and the doctor notified her that this could be her last one!  We'll find out tomorrow, but there is a very real possibility that her chemo treatments just completed early.  Her core group of friends are still amazing and there are many acquaintances who are still spreading the love on thick like butter.  Kristina and Kylie came by spend an afternoon with Kendra.  They brought her flowers and caught up on the latest life events.  Kendra can only handle so many of these per week though because she gets worn out fast.

Some friends drain her tank and others fill her up emotionally.  The occasional girls day out is very therapeutic and healthy.  I like to see her hanging out, laughing, and being around people who are tank fillers.  

All the trips to the doctors are draining for her because they are either dumping poison in her system, sucking blood, or adding cancer fighting agents.  Whatever the case, she feels like a balloon being blown up and squeezed out day after day.  She is a trooper though.  She follows doctor's orders pretty well.

One morning I took the twins to school so Kendra could sleep in.  I stopped by Starbucks for breakfast so we didn't wake her up.  Although homemade breakfast is best, smoothies and sandwiches from Starbucks does the trick just fine.  We still aren't able to eat outside yet because it is still to hot even at 7:30am, but all of that is about to change with the sweaty season coming to a close.

We dislike pets at our house.  No cat.  no dog.  no lizard.  we don't need anything else to take care of besides ourselves and the twins.  The decision to not have a pet is one we haven't regretted.  I saw that Petco had a super clearance on tiny fish tanks so that brought up the idea of having a fish as a pet.  Somehow we ended up at Petco looking at fish once i mentioned the idea to the twins.  Here's the catch...  I said, "if you two want a pet you have to buy it with your own money."  They have money sitting in their spend container so we did some math calculations to figure out if they had enough to buy the fish and supplies.  We found the clearance aquariums and they bought everything they need to each have a fish.

We set it all up at home and here's the first picture of Easton and Layla as pet owners.  They each have a male Betta fish.  Easton's is named Ricky.  I asked him where that name came from and he said he just thought of it.  Layla named her fish Violet because it is purplish.  She refers to her male betta fish as a "her" and I stopped correcting Layla a long time ago.  Just let it go.  the fish could care less and Layla prefers it. The tanks are functional and Betta fish are very sturdy fish (hard to kill).  The fish lady at the store said they live about two years, so let the count down begin!  The fish cost $3 each so if one of them dies we'll flush it and get a new one the same day.  It's the circle of life and they should hear about it sooner than later.

Before we set up our new fish friends, we went to dinner.  We happily ate sushi knowing we were going to get their cousins in a tank.  Some fish live and some fish get eaten.

I'm glad the sushi place is almost as cheap as the sub sandwich shop.  Makes it that much easier to justify eating some healthy fish.  They love the raw stuff and I'm happy for them to be so adventurous.

I've been gone on a work trip to Sacramento and finally had time for a quick blog post.  I have lots to share and will be eager to write about Kendra's treatment plan after we find out tomorrow.

Pray for her.  :)

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