Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Attractional Wife

Greetings friends and family,

The routine at the Webb house is:

1. school / work
2. swim
3. dinner
4. bed


Kendra gets the added bonus of daily getting poked by a needle.  Her only day off from hospitals and doctors is Monday.  The pool is very helpful for all of us.  Kendra gets to be weightless to fully release the muscles in her back.  The twins get active mommy time, which never happens in any other environment.  I get to take pictures and join in the fun of playing Marco Polo.  every single day... and it never gets boring for any of us.  This is an easy winner for my favorite picture of the week.  The twins love to be in her presence and she attracts them like bugs to a bug zapper.

Last month Kendra and I attended a friday night church event as a date night without the twins.  This month we decided to take the twins with us.  We spread the word and about 30 of our church friends showed up with us!  Talk about an attractional lady... Kendra could even draw a crowd to watch paint dry because she has such an enthusiasm for the things in life she is passionate about.

I took the twins to the library to get a new bag-full of books to read.  Layla chose several story books.  Easton reluctantly picked a few story books to appease me enough to get his science books.  He ended up with a book titled, "Jurassic Poop".  I'm serious.  go look it up on Amazon...  I rolled my eyes as he said the title out loud several times.  Moms and kids in the aisle with us snickered and stared as I grappled with what to do.  It is educational and interesting for him since he is on a dinosaur kick lately after watching Jurassic World.  I quietly said, "You can get it, but place it gently in the bag right now and don't shout the word poop anymore.  He also ended up with another Titanic book and Where's Waldo, which is really hard to find in libraries because they are always checked out.

When the twins are quiet, that is no longer a sign of parental intervention.  Sometimes they just lay in Easton's rocket tent reading books.  This makes me very happy!

Kendra and I are super excited to get our ministry back up and running again for the fall semester.  We'll be leading a team of 22 people who will facilitate two classes with 90 participants.  This will be the biggest class yet!  Then we'll follow it up with delivering the two-day conference.  We invited people to join our leadership team and the response is overwhelming.  the newbies are honored to be on our team and excited about what God is up to.  these are all very good signs of our healthy organization.  Kendra had a lot to do with bringing the new people into the team and getting them excited for what God is up to.  She is truly attractional in her passion!

Life is about to get a little busier for us, but i'm starting to get back into the rhythm of life.  I wish Kendra didn't have chemo for another 10 weeks, but since we don't have a choice we are working with what we got and she is doing fantastic considering all the daily hassle she goes through.

She is fully self-sufficient, but each morning she puts on her back brace.  I'm am both grateful and sorrowful at the same time.  I'm grateful because she is able to function without pain or limitations other than no bending or lifting.  That part is awesome, but i hate that she has to wear the uncomfortable turtle shell.  I know it won't be forever, but it's still one of the many things I would change in these moments if I could.

Kendra and I are growing together through all of this.  I'm convinced we could have (and would have) grown together even without all the cancer and chemo and radiation, but that's one thing I'll never get to know:  how things would have been different.  Instead, what we have is the opportunity to make the most of our life and relationships in the middle of whatever is going on in our bodies and around us.

There is so much life and love and joy happening that there are moments I don't think about Kendra's current treatment or pain in the past 5 months.  I'm starting to see her as just "Kendra, my wife and mother of my kids" again.  This is how God sees her so this is how I see her too.  Fully healed, completely restored, pain-free, and loving life.

See you soon!

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