Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sharing Sports

Greetings friends and family,

Each night before I go to bed I go into Easton's room.  Before I unplug the Christmas lights outlining his window I see him snuggled on the edge of the bed with his face directed towards the nightlight.  It is one of the most peaceful sights I have ever seen in my life.  Completely silent, completely still, completely resting.  I have to hold my finger in front of his nose to make sure he is still breathing.  I always stop for a few seconds and record the moment in my mind.  He might be just another soon-to-be seven year old boy to everyone else on the planet, but this is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.

Easton and Layla's worlds are colliding in sports.  Neither of them found a passion for soccer so we're done with it for this season.  Easton is really enjoying ice skating and doing very well.  Layla started golf today.  that means both of them are jumping into the other's sport.  It may be just a season, but we'll go along with it as long as the cost is relatively low.  Easton and I convinced Layla that other girls are in the class.  That was enough to catch her interest.  We showed up and sent Easton to the tee box.  I signed Layla up at the pro shop and we headed towards the crowd. She held my hand tighter than normal and stayed close by my side.  She spotted a few girls and felt more comfortable knowing there really are girls in the class.

Easton's swing is coming along nicely.  The green driving range and Papago park mountains in the background provide an incredible background to learn the game.

I couldn't get close enough to Layla for a clear picture, but this is as good as I could do with my iPhone since I forgot my big boy camera.  Her swing needs some serious work on the mechanics, but she has plenty of tenacity and athleticism to get her functional quickly.

Layla's first real golf lesson deserves a good twins picture to commemorate the milestone.  I have no idea where these two will go individually.  I just know I was there when they started heading that direction.

The weekend is finally here.  That means a full Saturday of family time and more preparation to preach, teach, and deliver the message on February 1st.  One week from today we will be on stage.  Time to sprint to the finish.  and.... we're off!

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