Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Busy Cycle Starting Now

Greetings friends and family,

Our down time during the holidays is a distant memory.  We are back to full-throttle with work, school, and ministry.  My work just took a turn towards the busy cycle as it always does this time of year.  I met with my boss to start the conversations about my annual review.  It looks like they'll keep me around for another year.  That's a new record for me!  18 years straight now.

I also have the privilege of  developing the church budget and working through normal finance related issues.  The executive pastor role is half of my time allocation to church.  The other half is with Kendra focused on the discipleship ministry we lead.  Our efforts are directed towards the 13 members of our leadership team.  We teach, train, and develop them because 13 of them can do many times more than 2 of us.  Our plan is to take 70 people through our program in the spring for an 8 week journey that ends with a 2-day conference.  We get to do this whole cycle twice in 2015.   It's a big responsibility, but the reward of seeing people living the life God intended for them is well worth it.

I also do this thing called parenting.  When do i do this?  well, during the weekdays it happens from 5-7pm every night and all day Saturday.  Thank God Kendra is able to give her time and attention to the twins throughout the week.  It is a huge blessing for her to be a stay-at-home mom and I am extremely grateful.

We made the most of MLK day.  I worked because my company didn't give us the holiday.  Kendra got to use our annual zoo pass to take her friends and all the kids.  I don't have any pics of that time together, but I did get one of Easton ice skating.  He's getting a couple of private lessons to catapult his ice skating skills.  This is the same girl who started Layla in the right direction so she comes highly recommended.  :)  Easton is a little stiff-legged, but he'll get there.  just needs the guidance and practice.

This was a Craigslist weekend extravaganza.  I sold a few things on Craigslist including Easton and Layla's old bikes.  I bought Easton's for $40 and sold it for $40 almost 2 years later.  He got to ride for two years for free!  not bad.  I know my dad would be proud because of his wheeling and dealing genes.  A lady came by with her baby girl and handed me a wad of $1 bills. I handed it to Layla and she knew exactly what to do with it.  She opened up her Give Save Spend containers and started counting it out.  one dollar at a time in the right order.  give, save, spend, give save spend.  When she ran out of dollars she shoved each wad of cash into the containers with a happy heart.  She knows the "give" container money goes to church this Sunday.  She knows the "save" container money is not to be touched.  She knows the "spend" money is for her to do whatever she chooses.  Watching her manage this cash transaction made me a proud father!  How's that for a cheerful giver face?

Our weekend was full of bike riding.  We continue to expand our distance to other restaurants and businesses close by.  The 4 Webbs went home after church and rode to the local diner for lunch.  Layla's big girl bike is working out very well.  She is still figuring out how to brake on the steep downhill section, but we are hopeful that no more crashes are needed for her to learn the lesson.

When Layla crashed, Easton parked his bike, walked back towards Layla and gave her a kind hug as a few tears fell off her cheeks.  Kendra and I just sat back and watched the painful wreck as well as the gentle response.  It was wonderful moment, but I hope she gets it now.  Easton spent the next few minutes repeating to me quietly, "I TOLD her to use her brakes, but she didn't listen!"  Yes, son, I know you did.  just take care of Easton and she'll eventually get it.

The winter time is extra fun because the twins get to wear their full length, zip-up onesies.  It's a short season in Phoenix, but they make the  most of it. Each night I give Easton a piggy back ride while carrying Layla in my arms.  I drop off Easton like a sack of potatoes on his bed.  Then Layla insists on giving him one more hug before saying good night.

The picture is a little dark, but this is a great descriptive picture of brotherly and sisterly love.  It's not a once in a while moment.  This is the norm around our house.  The once in a while moment is when there is kicking, pinching, and yelling involved.  They aren't perfect angels, but i'll gladly take the ratio of love to unkindness between these two.

February 1 is coming up quickly.  Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to deliver the most important message, sermon, speaking engagement of our lives (so far).

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

I guess Layla lost a tooth or so it looks that way. Please know that I am praying daily for you all and that God will bless and guide you as you minister out on the 1st of Feb. Wish I could be there in person to hear you and cheer you on (quietly, of course) ha ha. Love ya gobs, MOM