Friday, February 28, 2014

Our labor of love

Greetings friends and family,

I'm. Writing from bed on my iPhone because this is the only spare moments I have these past few days. 

Our conference is today and tomorrow.  If you get a chance to pray for us please do because we need it. What we are about to do is beyond our capability and capacity but that's exactly where God wants us to be: depending on him.  

I miss spending our evenings with the twins but break time is just around the corner.  Starting Monday. 

Anyway, the twins are doing well and enjoying very minute of time with Ouma. I had a fee minutes after dinner to attempt to fix Easton's broken satellite. I brought out the Krazy glue and set off a 10 minute discussion about the kragle in the Lego movie.  We found the piece of resistance!

I take time to complete 1 or 2 steps on Easton's space shuttle each day.  It's moving along slowly but surely.  We are on step 38 out of 178 or so.  It's a long way away from done but we will complete it!

One of the coolest things about teaching money skills at an early age is that Easton and Layla have a sizable savings account ($50?) because of their give-save-spend method of managing their money.  Easton pulled out his savings and was amazed by how much he has saved.  

Thanks for the birthday money!  

If we left it up to the twins with no money teaching they would spend everything they have on silly things like this sponge hat.  

Just kidding. Ouma took the twins to Target and found some silly hats to try on for fun. When we say "no"  to their request to buy something they are very respectful and receptive of our answer. Some kids scream and throw a tantrum. Ours did to, a couple of times when they were younger.  After seeing how that method of response does not result in getting their way they stopped acting out like that.   Now they are a joy to shop with and that makes taking them out even that much more likely to happen.  

Time for rest so we can pull it all together tomorrow!  The three day marathon including the conference, church, and our Sunday night class starts in 8 hours.  And.... GO!

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