Monday, May 13, 2013

Sibling Love

Greetings friends and family,

This edition of the 4 Webbs is a catch-up post for the past few days.  Layla takes the cake when it comes to bugs.  She's the critter-getter whereas Easton is just the researcher.  She picked up this beetle and giggled as it tickled her arm crawling around.  She offered to share the experience with me.  I agreed to participate in the bug crawling, but only because I didn't want to express fear or indifference about something like this where she is interested even though it's just a bug.

I don't like to use the term rituals or habits, but there is a consistency of Easton and Layla's affection towards one another.  Easton finally figured out how to gently wake Layla in the morning because he's always the first one up.  He climbs in bed with me first and we have our standard conversation of "good morning... I'm hungry."  and I say, "I thought you were Easton?  Nice to meet you, hungry!" we giggle through the explanation where he sets me straight.  Then he asks how many more minutes I'll be sleeping in as well as asking to go wake up Layla.

I followed him into her room one morning and captured this.  

Easton being Mr. Smiley Boy as he is every morning while Layla is dozing in and out of consciousness.

Then there's the flip side of this story where every night Layla says good night to Easton in his bed.  Easton is calmed down waiting to go to sleep while Layla is wound-up and laughing like a joker.  She gives him hugs and kisses (sometimes against his wishes) and off to bed she goes.

The 4 Webbs are reaching a Disneyland fever pitch around our house.  Daily questions about "how many more sleeps?" are discussed in detail until they get it.  The Disneyland Xbox game is getting more exercise than normal.  They are playing as if they are cramming for a test by memorizing the layout of the park map and character locations.

We went suitcase shopping because my ten-year-old Samsonite gave up the ghost and the twins never had decent traveling suitcases.  Layla latched on to this one because it is as close to pink as a suitcase gets. She proudly wheeled it up to the counter and bragged about our upcoming travels.  

I have more to post, but my computer is not cooperating so I'll take that as a sign to go to bed and pick back up tomorrow with the rest of the story.

See you soon!

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