Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I Chose Mommy

Greetings friends and family,

Disneyland tickets, Disneyland hotel accommodations, and our flight to the mid-west are all purchased!  Even though we've been saving up for 5 years to experience the vacation of a lifetime it was still difficult to pull that many dollar bills out of my miserly hands.  After I grieved parting with such a large chunk of change I slowly came around to be giddy as a school boy for what's on the horizon.  I'm 32 days away from taking my 10 week sabbatical vacation.  My desire to finish strong at work over the next few weeks is devolving quickly into an I don't care anymore attitude.  Pray for my strength and focus to see this work stuff through to the end.

I don't have too many new pictures, but our friend Betty has a bunch to give me from her and her daughter's time with Kendra and the twins.  Betty and her family have become good friends with the 4 Webbs and I'm excited to have them be a part of our lives more.  Betty and her teenage daughter, Mariah, joined the two of us to see Phil Wickham in concert.  He was only on stage for about 45 minutes, but the evening was worth the pricey tickets just to enjoy his music live and be with Kendra.  

I'm taking more video clips lately just for fun.  I captured this two minute clip of my conversation with the twins.  The topic began with Easton asked why I chose Kendra as my wife.  He said, "Why did you pick Mommy?"  aaaaaaand go:

There are so many reasons I chose Kendra as my wife.  Her beliefs and mine are the same in every way.  And by that I mean much more than just we are of the same religion or have the same background.  We literally agree on every point of every scripture in the Bible.  We are in agreement.  That power is one of the biggest boosts to our marriage and to each other individually.  It's very refreshing for us to get beyond petty arguing over convictions or principles to a place where we can link arms and take on the world together.  She is becoming my best friend more day by day and I'm thankful for all of her qualities.

One silly day as we were hanging around at home together I put Layla on my back and spun around in our living room really fast while capturing a selfie.  I am becoming less serious every day thanks to Easton and Layla's fun personalities.

This past week was very long M-F because I had lots of work while Kendra manned the house and taught school.  Even so, she was willing to let me take a trip to Sedona on Saturday to ride with my new friend Bob.  Bob is a guy from church who rides lightening fast.  So fast that it motivates me to ride better.  We rode for two hours and 30 minutes.  My legs and lungs and heart really had a big work out!

Layla is fair skinned as you can tell by the picture.  I think that's because she is part Native American Indian (from me) and part angel...  what.  have you ever seen a dark skinned angel?  just sayin.

Will is fitting into our family well on his two days per week with us.  Kendra seems to be doing a good job of teaching while not losing focus on the twins.  He's a good kid, but it's amazing how much easier it have patience with my own kids more than another.

Easton and Layla decided to do my hair up in bows.  The two of them clipped and poked every bow in Layla's collection to my head.  I sat there patiently waiting for their imaginative work of living art.  Wow, I look old and scary...  One of the many reasons I enjoy being with the twins is that they could care less how I look or what condition I'm in.  Their unconditional love for me is amazingly fulfilling.

I shaved my beard off again (you're welcome, Mom) and got a refill on my contact prescription so I'm on my way to a decent make-over.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Great blog entry today, Brons! You are handsome no matter the facial hair or not! The hair bows do add a lot of color to your pic, haha. Love ya gobs, MOM