Friday, March 15, 2013

The New Kid

Hello friends and family,

Tonight is a big step in our parenting world.  Easton is staying the night at his friends house.  alone.  without me.  I know...  it's not THAT big of a deal, but I'm having the hardest time accepting the fact that Easton is self-sufficient enough to spend the night somewhere else.  His friend's family is one I trust completely since they are good personal friends of ours.  It's not an issue of trust.  It's just me struggling to let go of the bedtime routine and the healthy interdependent relationship we have.

Kendra and I took Layla to the mall for some alone time with just us.  We gave her a few options and said, "we can do anything you want tonight!"  She requested a trip to mall for a cruise through the Disney store, a pretzel with cheese, and swinging from our arms as we gallop down the halls.  During the short drive to the mall Layla had a frown and furrowed brow.  She stared sadly at the seat where Easton's car seat usually stays.  She said, "I miss Easton."  After arrived at the mall everything turned bright and sunny for her attitude.  After dinner she said, "this is the best day EVER!"  My, how quickly her mood changes.  All I do is love her through it and encourage her when she's down.

Will, the part-time student staying at our house, is getting acclimated to the Webb academy of education. Easton is happy to have him around (most of the time) and he's fitting in well.

I mean, really well.  Book time dressed as superheros is extra adventurous when Kendra adds her spirited acting skills while narrating the stories.

Having Will at our house is really good for Layla because she's learning to do her own thing once in a while.  She's such a social butterfly and leader by nature, but it's good for her to sometimes follow and sometimes do her own thing.

During Easton's first year on Earth I took a picture of him wearing my Lakers jersey (Sorry GG).  I didn't plan on it being a yearly thing, but here it is:

He wasn't and isn't the least bit interested in watching basketball, but he's a good cuddle bug even when he was still a one-year-old.  Not yet able to walk masterfully so I had to get this picture just hanging out sitting on my lap.

When he was two he was stable enough to stand and take the picture in the jersey, but still couldn't see his toes under the extra long length.

At three he was starting to get the hang of wearing Daddy's baggy shirt around the house.

By age four he's able to recognize the Lakers logo and knows basketball is a sport.

Now at age 5 he has his own kid's goal in the back yard and likes to make baskets.  I think he may be onto something here, but it's still to early to know if he'll be tall enough to be competitive.  or if he'll even care enough about sports to have a competitive spirit.  Either way, he's growing into my jersey nicely and I'm proud of his progress.

I found another Discovery Kids Fort set (on clearance at Khol's for $12) to make an uber fort in the great room.  I made a sturdy play structure for the twins to play in and it has held up relatively well.  Our friend Matthew came over to have dinner and ended up in the middle of a Star Wars ambush.

He's a good friend and loves to hang out with the 4 Webbs.  He sure knows how to get involved!

Every day Easton and Layla ask me "is this a work day?"  and I give them the count down for the week.  Well, now that the weekend is here it's time to play!

See you soon.

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