Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome to our ool.

Greetings friends and family,

I want to find the sign that says, "Welcome to our ool.  Notice there is no 'P' in it.  Keep it that way."  

The pool is officially open for those brave enough to tolerate the chilly water.  "Those" includes Easton and Layla.  We hosed them down with sunblock and planned to let them splash around in the hot tub.  They both requested a dip in the pool instead and Kendra agreed.  This was the first time for them to solo in the pool without an adult in the water with them.  I'm amazed by how much skill they retained from the swimming lessons and last summer in the pool.  Goggles on and away they go!

Easton was more interested in the water gun than swimming laps.  He's fascinated with the science of water and how it behaves.  Especially when it involves getting Layla wet.

The daytime temps are already in the mid-90s so we are shifting to indoor fun and pool time as our play environments.  The evening is cool enough to go for walks to the neighborhood park, but during the day we hibernate in the A/C.  They requested bringing in their dump trucks from the garage.  I'm teaching Easton to ask, "Why not?" so I regularly respond to his requests with "Why not?"  if you don't ask, you don't get.  That's the basic principle of life.

Anyway, they were out of breath from running back and forth across the North wing of the house.  Layla in her princess dress, of course.

Easton grew tired of the fast pace so he talked Layla into pushing him around like Lots-O-Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3.  

I took the twins for a walk to search for Hootie the Owl, but all we found was dog poo in green belt and a dandelion.  Luckily Easton chose to give the dandelion instead of the poo as a gift.  He's a very thoughtful boy and his full fuzzy jar proves it!

Both of them earned a fuzzy today for encouraging each other.  I'm excited to see them speaking kind words to cheer each other on.  They have moments of selfishness and I still have yet to experience a day without tears, but as a work in progress I'm very pleased!

Kendra leaves for New York City in 12 hours.  Get ready for adventure time with Daddy!  I'm really happy she is going away for a few days because she needs some time away from our house, me, and the kids.  I know she'll appreciate us even more.  :)  I doubt she will miss us until the 3rd day or so.  I'm happy about that...

See you soon!


R said...

I rather prefer the sign that reads: "If you don't pee in our pool, we won't swim in your toilet", but yours is nice too.

Anonymous said...

Hope all will go well with you having to watch twins by yourself. Glad to hear their fuzzy jars t getting full. Love u much. Mom