Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Made It! Barely.

Hello friends and family,

I knew I would make it through 4 days without my best friend around because I wanted her to miss me.  I knew I would make it without my wife around because we are still individuals with our own hobbies and adventures.  However, I knew I would NOT make it without the mother of my twins around and I was right.  What surprised me most was how long my patience lasted.  All the way to day 4, which is a great success!  Easton ignored me several times when I asked him to do (or stop doing) simple things.  Layla lost it completely in a public restroom and threw a temper tantrum right there on the floor.   There were some difficult moments to navigate, but peace, love, and patience was flowing in a way I never knew it could.  Even though they had "quiet" time I was still in the same house hearing them play so that got old after day 2.

Other than those spikes of challenges, our time together was outstanding.  We made some great memories by adventuring as well as the quantity of time of reading books together and playing cars and princesses.  I was with both them every second of every day for the entire 13 hours of awake time (they sleep 8pm - 7 am).  I don't think I want to do that again for a while.  Even just taking a break to go work out at the gym for an hour would have made all the difference in the world.

Things I learned:
1.  The break I give Kendra from the time I walk in the door from work to the time they go to bed is as crucial to her emotional and mental well-being as I expected.
2.  I should help out with chores that involve major appliance more often because I was clueless when it came to the oven, dish washer, and washing machine.  The washing machine is so advanced it was singing The Star-Spangled Banner, but wouldn't launder the clothes to save my life.
3.  The twins missed Kendra almost as much as I did.  I know this because they frequently said, "I miss mommy" and "How many more hours until Mommy comes home?"

I made a family announcement today that Easton and I will be going on a boys only camping trip!  A  few other fathers with young sons invited us to join them and I moved my schedule and life and Earth to make time for such an epic occasion.   Layla was completely distraught until Kendra described their "girl's night" with a tea party, movie outing, and other girly stuff...  whatever they do for girl time.  Anyway, I took Easton to REI to develop my camping supplies list.  he jumped in the tent and got really excited at the idea of looking at the stars while laying in bed.

He also tried on a new helmet and said he wants this one for his next bike helmet because his Toy Story 3 helmet is for "little boys".

I'm more excited about the upcoming camping trip than I have been about any single event with Easton since his birth.  These are the events that give me a platform to call him out into manhood a little at a time.

I found this awesome 2 minute 45 second video clip showing a girl growing up from birth to 12 years old.  It's amazing how watching Easton and Layla grow up goes the same speed as this video.

See you soon!

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