Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Sets of Twins

Greetings friends and family,

Easton and Layla are getting better at using their See Yourself Fisher Price camera.  A little more steady, a little more focused...  When we hiked the mountain Easton took this picture of me as I was taking a picture of him.  I imagine this is one of the ways Easton and Layla will remember me, always pointing a camera at them.  :)

Scott and Marisue brought their twins over for dinner and we had a great time.  Watching them navigate the 2-year-old challenges brought back so many fun memories.  Our living room turned into a disaster area with all the toys we've been holding on to for the last couple of years.  Kendra and I felt the same sense of "bring on the play time!" because those days of toy overload were some of our favorites.

Danny tried a slice of grapefruit for the first time.  Easton and Layla were wolfing down slices as fast as I could shovel them in their mouths, but Danny was not impressed one bit.

It takes time though and I remember when we first introduced new foods to Easton and Layla how they had the same reaction.

After dinner Scott had the great idea of going for a walk.  The cool evening will become a thing of the past as summer quickly approaches.  We made the most of the opportunity by bundling up the kiddos and trekking through the neighborhood.  The Chariot still works great and fits them both.  I never thought it would still be applicable for 4-year-olds, but it is!

Easton and I were wrecking our driveway with sidewalk chalk.  I took a minute to get a self portrait.  I told him to show me his  tough face and this is what we got:

He's such a happy, kind-hearted boy that I had to get him to act tough and mean just for fun.  Normally he has a face of contentment and joy.

Layla decided to ride the tough-girl trike instead of her princess bike.  She has a natural "get out of my way" personality so no acting was necessary.   If Harley-Davidson ever makes a pink princess cruiser, she'll own it.

The weekend is gone and I'm cherishing the last few days with Kendra before she heads out to New York City.  I'm dreading the 4 days alone.  Not because I can't handle it, but because that will be a lot of hours and days straight without my partner in parenting and my best friend.  I will certainly make it, but I already miss her!

See you soon.

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