Friday, April 6, 2012

Influenza 1 - Daddy 0

Greetings friends and family,

This week I learned how to put the FLU in Influenza.  I spent Mon, Tuesday and Wednesday sleeping in a California hotel. I went there for business, but instead of working I slept for 40 hours straight.  The highlight of my trip was seeing GG for 30 seconds at my hotel door.  She graciously brought me medicine and prayed for me.  Oh, my sweet GG!  What would I have done without you?  When the trip was over I crawled my way onto the jet for the flight home.  Unfortunately I wound up with double ear infections as a bonus.  This is day 5 of the sickest I've ever been.  Period.  However, I'm happy to report my temperature is slowly returning to normal and life will resume momentarily.

Kendra and the kids wrapped up one of the best visits ever with Ouma and Oupa.  They didn't have many scheduled activities or events, which turned out to be very relaxing and freeing.  One of the outings was to the zoo where they took advantage of the great weather this time of year.  Someday this picture of Easton and Layla being so small in comparison with Ouma and Oupa will seem like a distant memory.

But the smiley faces and cute expressions will probably never change.

Layla and Ouma shed tears of sorrow at the airport.  The 4 Webbs will miss them for the next 2 months as we plod through the rest of spring.

Our house was quarantined from all guests yesterday as I fought through the flu, but by this afternoon things were back to normal.  By that I mean our friends were starting to filter back in.  Maybe I should have had them sign a waiver and statement of acknowledgement.  Anyway, Morgan and Kylie jumped right in and played with the twins, which gave me a chance to continue recovery sleep.  I didn't know we had that much play-dough...

Easton and Layla are almost Wii-fficient, meaning they can play Wii games without interaction from adults.   We don't encourage video game playing much so there total Wii time is about 30 minutes per week.  It's a nice break from the norm for them.  Besides, cow riding may be a valuable skill later in life?

Now for the bad parenting advice.  Don't get your panties in a twist, this is ONLY about Kendra and I and does not reflect on any friend or family member.  OK?  Feel like I need a disclaimer before any unflattering word hits the blog page...

Anyway, here is a sure-fire way to give your kid bad teeth.  Step 1:  Don't get dental insurance because babies don't have teeth!  Step 2: Forget to add them on as dependents during the enrollment period.  Step 3: brush their teeth sporadically and seldom.  Step 4: Don't floss their teeth because it's just too much of a pain to fit those flossers in their tiny mouths.  Step 5: give them snacks before bed time so the food get a fresh coat of foody goodness on their teeth.

Viola!  Instant cavities.

Here's the kicker...  Something no one bothered to TELL me for parenting.  kids keep their molars until they are 12 years old.  My assumption was that all these snotty nosed 7 year olds believing in the tooth fairy were losing ALL of their teeth and would replace them with nice shiny new ones.  Not so.  Easton now has two silver crowns on each side of his lowers thanks to our parenting genius.

My dentist has known me for 9 years and I see her every 6 months.  She asks about the twins and how old they are...  never ONCE did she mention, "are they going to see us soon?"  I mean, she could have drummed up some business or recommended a plan or something.  None the less, Kendra and I are wholly responsible for the extreme cost and pain and trouble for poor Easton and Layla.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but you'd think we would piece something together along the way to avoid this perfect storm or dental damage.  Neither of us is pointing fingers which means grace and forgiveness is alive and well at the Casa de Webb.  Forgiving myself may be the most difficult part.

I'll end on a happy note so you don't think I'm crying over spilled milk.  Uncle Wayne arrives tomorrow a few days of visiting over the Easter holiday.  Not sure what is in store, but taking time off work is certainly part of the plan!

See you soon.

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