Monday, November 7, 2011

Woopty-Woop Pwanes

Howdy friends and family,

Having aunt Mary around brings out my inner mid-westerner.  I think I used the phrase, "Y'all, I'm fixin' to go home".  Nothing wrong with getting back to my roots.  It's almost 1:00 AM.  I have to let the tile installers into our house in 6 hours followed by a full work day and more manual labor.  Why in the world am I blogging now?  Well, it's because I'm so delirious from all the craziness of moving that if I DON'T write this down then I'll surely forget it.  See the jack-hammer, respirator, and busted up flooring?  I'm not messing around!

Tile starts tomorrow, whole-house painting starts Thursday, then move-in begins on Sunday culminating in an epic truck-load on the 19th.  The timing is hysterical because Kendra's parents arrive on the 18th, just in time to help us move.  I couldn't have planned it better if I tried.

Mean while Easton and Layla are hanging out at home with Aunt Mary.  She rubs their back for quiet time, teaches new songs, and lets them throw rocks over the neighborhood wall.  Aunts have certain privileges and responsibilities, you know.

Today between church and working on the new house I spent some quality and quantity time with the twins.  Easton put his ear up to my chest and said, "Dad, your heart says, 'I want to play with Easton!'".  That lets me know I'm loved, but I'm spending too much time away from the twins.  On Saturday while Kendra was testing paint samples I busted out some instant, cheap fun:  paper airplanes!  My breadth of airplane making only extends to two types:  loopty-loop and super-fast.  That's it.  Easton calls these, "woopty-woop pwanes".

I wrote I love Easton and I love Layla on each of their planes then let them draw a picture of themselves on the other wing.  Very artistic, aren't they?

I miss my friend, Jason.  At least we have Skype.  Layla ran into the front room screaming, "Layla Ruth!" with a shriek, scream, and laugh when she heard us talking.

Nothing tastes better than chocolate cookie dough batter straight off Mom's blender beaters.  The twins would do back-flips and recite poetry for a lick of the gooey deliciousness.  The same response can be duplicated by waving bacon in front of your dog's face.  Yeah...  it's that entertaining.

One of the few bright spots through the moving saga is how much fun two big boxes can be for three-year-olds.  They are having a blast climbing in boxes and covering up with them on their backs like a turtle shell.  I imagine toys will be the absolute last box packed, but we're getting close!  

See you soon.

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R said...

Love the first picture, but let me tell you what I see. A guy that has no business handling power tools. "Fully clothed in his best work SHORTS, brand new gloves and a respirator that looks to be used for hazmat disasters. Hey Bob Villa, why aren't you doing the re-tiling yourself?