Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Happy Things

Greetings Earthlings,

Easton's room is complete in a "Spaced Out" theme.  He has bedding and posters and coat hooks and toys all geared towards aerospace.  Kendra completed Easton and Layla's room so now we are working on den and great room.  The great room entertainment center will be delivered Saturday and the bath counter top on Monday.  Big area rugs and the sectional are in! Kendra and I are both very happy with the way the interior of the house is coming together.  Still don't have a toilet in the master bath though.  Sure wish I was more of a handy man, but I know when I'm in over my head.  Have no fear experts are on the way! week.

Kendra is getting back into some routines including preschool and play time at home for Easton and Layla.  They each had dye and and a utensil and some other products in a bowl to make cool swirly designs.  So much to learn!

Layla is learning the hard way about being a good sport.  Recently she started bragging inappropriately and Easton is a sensitive guy.  she says things like, "my pan is longer than yours" or "see Dad...  I'm obeying, but Easton isn't".  Those kind of comments set him off, which is very unfortunate.  I'm saddened to see Layla figured out how to push his buttons this early in life.

Easton's only comeback is "You're NOT my friend", but after a few minutes of crying and hurting each other's feelings they are back to playing pet shop kitties.  Such forgiveness is admirable.

I found this picture on the camera, but have no idea where this was taken or why.  I think it was before Thanksgiving at Trader Joe's.  I had a good chuckle after seeing it so hopefully it will do the same for you.

The twins are tired of going into furniture stores.  We've been to every single store within 5 miles of our house...  twice.  or sometimes three or more times.  The twins are so fed up with furniture store shopping we have to bribe them with a reward or treat or other good consequence like time at the park.  Easton knows how to pick a comfortable chair now so that's a good lesson to learn early in life.

We're savoring the last bits of warm weather by playing in the park frequently.  The twins wanted a change of pace so we drove to the lizard park.  Layla wants to wear her summer tops indefinitely, but the season of cool is finally here.  Easton is getting into super heros lately.  Batman is his favorite even though he's never seen a batman cartoon or movie.  He also thinks highly of Spiderman who adorns his hat.  When we play together he wants to be Batman and I play Spiderman.  At least we have our costumes already planned out for next Halloween.  Kendra should be the Progressive insurance lady again.  Her costume was awesome.

Anyway, Easton is earning his bravery badge by following in the footsteps of Layla across the barrier wall.  His showing off is getting to be more overt, but he's a boy so that's to be expected.   My job as a Dad is to continually answer the question for him.  The question is, "Do I have what it takes?" and my answer always, ALWAYS is, "Yes, Easton, you DO have what it takes!"

Layla needs to get into gymnastics soon.  Her core strength and skills are incredible.

The 4 Webbs are taking nightly walks lately.  It was a chilly 61 degrees (wah, wah, right?) so Kendra busted out the full length fur coat and Uggs.  The twins are amazed by all the Christmas lights.  Each house requires a pause and kid-friendly explitives.  Kendra and I are amazed we live in the wonderful neighborhood.  Nightly walks through it are very enjoyable for all of us.

I titled this post "Happy things" because I have a whole other post which will never make it in publication on the 4Webb's blog because it contains the not-so-happy things...

See you soon!


R said...

Ok brother, installing a toilet is one of the easiest home improvement projects in the world. Roll up your sleeves and get started. Also, I for one want to read the not so happy things. Embrace them as you would the happy stuff. Without them, you wouldn't know what the happy things are.

The Four Webbs said...

In theory you are correct about the toilet replacement. However, in this case the flange is corroded beyond repair and I don't have a power drill to get through the cement to replace the flange. Professional plumber to the rescue! Or maybe I should just buy a power drill and do the stuff myself... thanks for the encouragement about the not so happy stuff. I'll refine my writings to remove the harsh words and rough edges because this is a G rated blog with or without feelings. :) Skype with you is on my "to do" list this week. Miss you, brother.