Monday, November 14, 2011

Time Allocation Defined

Moving is very similar to a spring cleaning. So far we found Aunt Susie's watch (deep in Layla's jewelry box) and Neill's yellow and black sunglasses. Easton is modeling as proof we still have them.

We may very well lose them again as we move this coming weekend.  My apologies in advance to Susie and Neill if their accessories don't make it safely across the street.  I'm not sure why people (especially FaceBook users) have such a hard time with the words lose and loose.  Here's your grammar tip-of-the-week:

If it has a voiced Z sound, then it’s “lose.” If it has a hissy S sound, then it’s “loose.” Here are examples of correct usage: “He tends to lose his keys.” “She lets her dog run loose.” Note that when “lose” turns into “losing” it loses its “E.”  Loose is an adjective.  Lose is a verb.

I know some of you think this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to my own grammar mistakes.  It's just so much easier to point out the faults in others than ourselves.

Anyway, the oddities of raising twins grow daily.  Now my quality time is scheduled according to the microwave oven timer. Easton begs me to play cars and build his train tracks.  Layla begs me to watch her practice ballet and play Go Fish.  Guess who wins?  All three of us!  I set the timer for 20 minutes and play princess Go Fish with my beautiful princess

Then another 20 minute timer for Easton and I to roll cars and trucks down the slide and make crash noises as they crunch together at the bottom.  Maximum breakage and destruction of vehicles appears to be the goal.

After 40 minutes of one-on-one time we sit and read together: one Layla-picked book, then one Easton-picked book.  That's a full hour round trip and everyone is happy.  Especially Kendra who takes advantage by packing, cleaning, moving, arranging, etc.

Kendra's time with Layla yielded a French braid

to match her French outfit, which says, "Love from Paris" with a glittery stencil of the Eiffel Tower.  All she lacks is holding some French fries or French toast and she'll be ready to visit my best friend in France.  Kendra taught her how to say hello and good-bye in French.  Layla spent the entire day greeting every Costco patron and church-goer with the traditional French salutation.

A new development for the twins is their new-found funny bone.  They tell jokes to each other that make no sense, but still elicits a chuckle or snot from the listener.  They make funny noises until the other acknowledges the sound by laughing.  Mealtimes have all but lost their structure because they spend so much time making silly faces at one another while their taters get cold.    Our parenting skills are being tested because it's so difficult to discipline when the parents are using every bit of our will power to keep from laughing with them.  I have to tell myself "stop laughing this is NOT funny", but their laughter makes it even more humorous.

I'm not complaining one bit though.  These challenges are minuscule and petty compared to what other parents have to face.  We are blessed beyond belief to have such happy and healthy kids adding joy daily to our lives.  I'm grateful every day.  Part of my blogging desires come from my core belief of never taking these blessings for granted and wanting to share them with you.

See you soon!


R said...

Layla -

Tu es une belle fille et j'aime ton t-shirt.

Face Painting By Tam said...

Love love love the "lose" / "loose" comments! I might add I am as frustrated with f.b. users' use of there vs. their and please Please PLEASE will everyone try to get "your" vs. "you're" right?? Your is possessive and you're is a contraction for YOU plus ARE. Sheesh! :-) -tam