Friday, November 18, 2011

Imaginations in Full Swing

Ohsuhoseyo friends and family,

The 4 Webb's house and kitchen are fully packed including utensils, food, and cookware. As you can imagine we are eating out often right now. Tonight we visited our favorite sushi restaurant as semi-celebration of completing the packing. The usual greeting from the sushi master chef guy is "Ohsuhoseyo" or some nonsense muttering of Korean origin. Layla said, "what did he say?" right in front of the guy. Kendra is used to these kind of awkward situations so she said, "I don't know, let's ask!" The sushi guy repeated his incomprehensible babble and Layla repeated it back to him. Easton jumped in on the action and gave his interpretation as well. The whole row of sushi guys got a good laugh from their attempted response. I was a proud father to see their openness to other cultures and friendliness.

Today was my first official vacation day of my ten days away from work. I'm already counting on it turning into a ten-day move-a-thon.  Easton and Layla are getting more comfortable with the idea of moving to the new house.  They wandered too close to our massive Saguaro cactus so they had a time-out on the driveway.  They laid down to soak in some warmth since the daytime high was a chilly 74 degrees (holding up my sarcasm sign).  The driveway is massive, but somehow the two of them wind up connected at the hip just like the best friends they are.

I have a nerdy tip-of-the-day because many people have misconceptions about computer passwords.  The key point is:  passwords suck, but a pass phrase is great.  If your online account accepts a pass phrase, please USE it!  Here is a cartoon to explain:

The 4 Webbs may be single-handedly saving the US economy.  We are doing more than our fair share of stimulating the economy as a result of our home purchase and insanely expensive remodel...  and we aren't even IN the house yet.  Once we get there on Monday my next sizable purchase will be a new TV for the great room.  Target acquired:

Maybe Black Friday will shave a few hundred more off the current price?  We'll see.

The new iPhone has a reverse camera capability which means the screen and the camera are on the same face of the phone.  Layla and I laughed so hard she was snorting as we took several pictures of us while watching ourselves be silly.  I wouldn't call this cheap fun because the phone is anything but cheap.  However, now that it is purchased the camera capability is free!  This is one example of using our imagination during quality time together.

Because all of Easton and Layla's toys are packed up in boxes we are learning to use our imaginations during our quality (and quantity) time together.  The twins are both still excited about paper airplanes for some reason.  We walked down to the greenbelt and I brought a stack of paper.  The neighbor boys came out again and I made enough paper airplanes for everyone to have two each.  I'm not sure what is the price of 10 sheets of copy paper, but the fun we had was worth a million times more than the cost.

Ouma and Oupa arrived last night.  I greeted them by saying, "Welcome to the chaos!"  They are already being extremely valuable by just being here to spend time with Easton and Layla.  Many rounds of playing chase and drawing have already occurred.  The additional blessing of their willingness to help us move is huge.  I have the best in-laws in the world.  If anyone tries to challenge my ranking I will simply pull out this picture and say, "Ha!  Top THAT!"  notice the custom printed T-shirts...

We are 50% done with the move thanks to them and my friend, Jacob.  Several trailer loads of stuff are already in the house and we will be into the new place by Monday assuming all the friends show up on Sunday who agreed to help us.  We can see the finish line!  The tile and paint are awesome.  I'll capture a video tour guided by Kendra tomorrow before we clutter the place with our belongings.

See you soon!

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