Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Green in Regulation

Buon giorno friends and family,

That's Italian for hello.  Layla wore her special French outfit and greeted our new friends with a hearty "Bon Jour" when we arrived at the get together.  Brandon knows a few languages and taught Layla how to say hello in Italian to add to her growing language credentials.

We spent an evening with Kendra's cousin's boyfriend's family.  We had high expectations based on her cousin's glowing description.  Impressed is not quite the right word... amazed is probably more appropriate. I've met a lot of great people, but it is something special to find great, classy people.  Here are the 4 Webbs and Ouma and Oupa with Brandon.  We watched the sunset from high up in the foothills overlooking Phoenix.

Here's a view of the residence showing the reverse angle of the balcony from the picture above.  This may be the most awesome home I've ever been in.  I'll have to think back through my memory banks to see if I can remember a nicer place than this one, but I doubt anything will come to mind.

As the sun set, the boys grabbed some golf clubs and wandered down to tackle one fairway before dinner. Oupa crushed a drive and Easton had his first golf experience.  Easton watched intently as Oupa and Brandon worked their golf magic to get a green in regulation.  That was no small feat for Oupa because he worked non-stop for the previous 5 days doing back-breaking manual labor helping us move.

Even Easton thought Brandon was cool because he preferred to hold his hand more than mine as we marched up the fairway.

We approached the green and could barely see the hole because the sun was completely gone. Even so, Oupa took time to show Easton how to find the bottom of the cup with his putting assistance.  It's blurry, but the best i could do considering the lighting conditions.

Brandon and Oupa parred the hole.  Easton loved every minute of the new experience.

One of the key tips I learned while talking to Brandon's family is how Brandon and his two brothers received their drivers license only after becoming an Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts program.  Kendra and I latched onto that idea instantly.

Ouma and Oupa left (sniff, sniff) and we were back to being just the 4 Webbs.  The thanksgiving weekend weather was excellent so we took full advantage by spending time outdoors.  We took an afternoon to play around at Desert Breeze park.  I gave Layla the choice of riding the carousel or the train.  Since she is into ponies the carousel won.

Big Time was all about the train.  As we drove to the park Kendra asked the twins to name the train since it didn't have one.  Easton said, "Raisin".  Layla said, "Strawberry".  So we named the train, "Strawberry Raisin".  Easton and I rode it together while Kendra and Layla checked out the duck pond.

With all the playground equipment available we had a tough time getting the twins to stop and smell the roses. After a few attempts they laid down next to me to watch the airplanes and birds fly by.  Those are the moments that mean the most to me as a father.  There will come a day when they won't want to lay next to me on the grass, but for now I'm living the dream.

See you soon!

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