Monday, December 28, 2009

Woody and Buzz

Greetings friends and family,

The discussion I had today regarding "transition kids" is leading to a more in-your-face example of how much I am not in control of my kids. Some kids, like Layla, require transitioning between activities or during times of change. For example, you have to say, "Ok, we are going to stay for another 5 minutes and then we will leave!"

I believe marriage as well as kids are supposed to teach people how not to control and instead learn to accept people for who they are. The question is: does parenting create or enable a child to become a "transition kid"?

Based on what I have learned so far I think the answer is no. Easton is so easy going that he has no problem stopping one activity and moving on to the next. We say, "OK, Easton, we are done with the park, time to go eat!" and he will calmly seek out the car and happily look forward to the next activity.

However, Layla throws a fit so boisterous she's been nominated for an Oscar this year. What we learned is she needs several words of pre-warning that the situation is about to change. Another data point in this area is my sister's son who is similar in this description as a "transition kid", but her other two kids are not.

Other than a little fussiness I consider the past few days to be successful. The movie "Toy Story" is a big hit for the twins and they routinely ask for "woody and buzz" by name. The day after Christmas we gave Easton And Layla the movie-sized dolls as a belated Christmas gift. You can see how excited they were.

They were amazed at Buzz Lightyear's wings popping out as they did in the movie. Kendra does really well, but my attempt to imitate Tom Hanks for Woody's voice is atrocious. I need to work on my passion, for sure.

We took an adventure to visit the locally famous Dovewood Court. Last year when we did this Easton said his first word, "lights!" after we finished walking through the neighborhood. This year they were chatter boxes and we did our best to keep them from touching every light and display along the way.

Easton is Oma's fan club president and as long as she is near (a.k.a. holding him) then all is right in the world no matter what is going on around him.

Oma + lights equal happiness.

The next day our main adventure was to go feed the ducks. Oma and Opa recommended a large park on the American river. Boy, were they right to pick there! That was duck (and goose) heaven. We had a small bag of bread and a huge flock of birds. I was most proud of how Easton and Layla were brave enough to interact with those large fowl.

With the help of oma, Layla was even brave enough to let the big goose take bread from her hand!

There were other gull's there and the twins continually said, "mine! mine! mine!" as a reference to the Sea Gulls in the movie, Nemo.

The fog and rain are exciting for all 4 of us Webbs because it is rare for us to experience it. During the light mist of the evening, Easton stopped in the middle of the street and placed both hands down on the ground like a celebrity making a hand print on the walk of the stars. He stood up, turned his hands over to see them dripping with water, and giggled like a mad scientist discovering a new chemical. What a thrill to see toddlers discovering the world around them and thriving from the little things in life.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see the twins as they experience new adventures and to watch them grow and change, it seems, almost daily. Also to hear that you and Kendra are learning about parenting-what works and what doesn't work. I trust you have a great New Year's Eve time and anticipate great things in the Lord this coming year. Give Ginny and Steve hugs for me. Love ya gobs, MOM

The Four Webbs said...

Thanks for the compliments and sharing in the adventures through my blog. it's great to know you and others are still visiting. :) We miss you all very much and will give the hugs to our family here in NorCal. happy new year, Nanna!