Sunday, December 6, 2009

hats and monkeys

Howdy folks,

The free time in my weekend was filled in with Christmas shopping, dinner with my guy friends and working some overtime hours to prepare for tomorrow's semi-important meetings for work. Easton and Layla kept me laughing and singing all weekend long. Easton is holding his own against Layla now so we are all three able to do some rough housing during play time in the living room.

Part of the play time involved trying on the new cowboy and cowgirl hats given to us from our friend's David and Tam. At first, Easton put the hat on sideways, but eventually figured it out after I led by example and placed the hat properly on my head. I'm sure the is a possible "caption contest" with this picture because I'm not feeling witty enough tonight to make up my own.

Layla is a big fan of hats and Jessie from the movie Toy Story, so she put it on and immediately yelled out a big, "yeeee hawwww!"

Then we went for a few rounds of spinning the twins as they sit in my office chair. Easton was most excited for his cow stuffed animal to ride with him. All is well in the world as long as he has his thumb and a stuffed animal.

One of the critical things we are teaching the twins right now is friendship and love. Watching them give hugs and cuddles, then try to bite each other's leg, then laugh and chase each other, then pushing the other down to the ground. It's always this back-and-forth where one second they are best friends and loving. The next second , they are at each other's throats. Such a fine balance to keep them pointed in the right direction... The chance to catch Layla somewhat still and cuddling up against Easton is a rare thing so I want to be sure and capture the moment.

My work held a holiday party with all the various kid's entertainment you would expect in the carnival-like atmosphere: pictures with Santa (too long of a line), a big electric christmas express toy train going around in circles, and cookie decorating. As you can see, the puppy leashes were in full effect here because I'm not going to take the chance of losing a kid in the big crowd of people.

Here's Layla in her PJs giving the universal sign that says, "I'm ready for bed". The sign is the same as when you know popcorn is ready to come out of the microwave: Count to 2 and if you don't hear any kernels pop, then it is cooked. Likewise, if Layla is on the ground for more than 2 seconds, then it is time for bed because you know she is winding down.

It's a long story, but we had 6 kids and 3 adults at our house on Friday night. Our Twins, David and Tam's twins, and April's two little ones. I had a great time hanging out with all the little people running around the house and the kids certainly enjoyed it too. Here is Layla and Layla showing how they are best friends with their similar outfits and big smiles.

The zoo pass is getting a serious workout over the past few weeks. One of the great things about the pass is the privilege to go early in the morning before the crowds of school buses. The animals are all out playing and it makes for a much more interactive experience. Can't get much closer than this!

Easton and Layla pick up all kinds of concepts from the zoo animals.

I have no idea why they like bananas so much... Crazy, huh?

Kendra and I are in the process of planning a vacation for 3 days and 2 nights where we will leave the twins with her parents. We haven't had an extended vacation like that since before the twins were born. I am really looking forward to relaxing by the beach somewhere in NorCal.

See you soon!

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