Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do I fit?

Greetings friends and family,

My dad (papa to the twins) was given the green light to go home from the hospital so hopefully he will be safe at home soon. Whew! that was a scary few days for our family... Dad went into the hospital because of heart problems and they persisted over the weekend. However, all of his important heart-related metrics are within normal limits again. No surgery or intrusive procedures necessary. Just some blood pressure meds and an official solute as he heads out the door from the VA hospital. We are expecting a full recovery and life back to normal.

The only change for me will be a conscious effort to avoid stress-inducing topics when we talk on the phone or emails depicting anything related to politics. :)

I'll call this next section, "Do I fit?" as a tribute to Easton and Layla and their quest to comprehend size and volume comparisons.

The answer to the question is: No, No, Yes, Yes, Not Yet.

No, Easton, you can not fit inside the pink Porsche matchbox car. Why in the world do we have a pink Porsche anyway? That should be outlawed! I'll have to go back and see who gave Easton such an odd toy...

No, Layla, you do not fit in Kendra's Sponge Bob Square Pants lunch box. I would gladly take her to work and bring her out during lunch time for entertainment if it were possible.

Yes, Layla, you fit just perfectly on the bouncy horse affectionately known as "Bullseye". Thanks to Toy Story 2 for that name.

Yes, Layla, your soccer ball slippers finally fit! We've had those in the dresser drawer for over a year waiting for two things: cold weather, and feet to grow into them.

Oh look! It's a fairy princess... with, ummm, soccer ball slippers. Hey, whatever works, right?

Easton, you do not fit in the cowboy hat. Yet. It's still fun to play with and he loves the new dress-up props, but it'll even more fun once the hat doesn't fall down over his eyes every time his head moves. Besides, nothing says "Gangsta" like a cowboy hat and a dinosaur shirt.

That's it for this edition of "Do I fit?" Join us next time for "How did you get that stuck in your nose?"

After a lot of prayer and concern over my dad's health, wind and rain storms last night, and midnight train horns blaring, I plan to sleep very well tonight. Time to go look for my pacifier and Nunu.

See you soon!

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