Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello folks,

Thanks to Kendra's super-mommy efforts, we are the proud parents of two toddlers who are restaurant qualified. Can you spot the last piece of the puzzle in these pictures?

I'll give you a hint: It is metal, not plastic or rubber.

Easton and Layla are using grown up forks! Being the complete novice at child development I am, I doubted Kendra's efforts to bother with attempting to teach them to eat with a fork or spoon or spork. Now, not only do they use utensils regularly, they are using grown-up tools to eat.

I think we should celebrate by going to a semi-fancy restaurant. Although I'm not sure if the patrons will be so gracious or complementary when Layla counts to 20 with her extremely loud voice like she did at In-N-Out burger. Half of the restaurant cheered her on as she steadily counted off the numbers and they applauded her as she exuberantly screamed, "Twenty!"

This occasion at In-N-Out is officially known as her first public performance. Many more to come, i'm sure...

Our Wednesday night Truth Project get together has spoiled any hopes of posting a WFMW or Way Back Whensday edition for the past few months. Guess I'll call this:

Works For Me Thursday

I hate to pay retail for toys and Kendra hates the idea of getting some strange kid's germs on a used toy from Craigslist. Because of our willingness to compromise and her ingenuity we found a solution that works! Kendra has a network of other mommies through our church and neighborhood. She recently started swapping toys with those mommies whose kids are similar in age to ours. Now we don't spend any money and just get the germs of a kid we know. Problem solved... Now she can rotate through our toys and her friend's toys to keep things fresh and interesting for Easton and Layla.

Here's a ride-on toy train we are borrowing which has all kinds of bells and whistles. literally.

Almost every evening for Easton and Layla ends with several rounds of "cover up" just before bed time. They lay on the floor and ask me to throw the big Costco sized blanket over them. They lay very still and giggle under the blanket. The think since I can't see them that I don't know where they are, which I think is hilarious. After a few seconds and my asking, "where are Layla and Easton?" They crawl out from under the blanket and say, "boo!"

Layla isn't feeling well today so I took Easton to the tire store so we could a new set of shoes on our Pilot prior to driving to California. We had a great time wondering through the Dollar Store and eating cheap chinese food at the local greasy chopstick.

I must admit, I was a tiny bit worried about Easton's lack of "manly" character during the first year. He was very shy and timid even around just the 4 Webbs. Layla was (and still is) very overbearing and she would literally run him over. However, over the past six months or so, he has really turned on the testosterone. He rough-houses and wrestles with me on the living room floor. He even playfully grapples with Layla and wins! He's extremely interested in anything with wheels, which is a good sign from my point of view. I'm very relieved to see he has a deep, sensitive side, but is also developing his manly confidence.

Last night when I sang Layla's lullaby, she sang along with me in perfect tune. Then, when I sang Easton's lullaby, she sang along with me as well! We serenaded Easton to sleep with our little duet and I've never been more proud of her. I'm amazed at what they pick up just from being around Kendra and I. Not only the words we say and the attitude we express, but even the songs we sing!

Sometimes there are no words to describe how much joy these two toddlers bring to my life. I wish so badly for a helmet cam to video tape every minute I spend with them because those extraordinary moments occur like flash paper catching fire. No time to go grab the video camera and wait for the lighting... Just POOOF! and moment is gone.

Goodnight, see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

How precious are the moments you describe with the twins. Next time we are on scype I hope to have them and you sing your songs. We are all fine--just a little slower.Hope to get your packages in the mail. MOM