Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi friends and family,

With four snotty noses at the Casa de Webb we shared a relaxing get-well-soon weekend. My nose problems stem from allergies, Kendra's from being sick, and the twins from teething and/or the flu-bug. I'm excited to report there are only a few more teeth yet to poke through so this perpetual teething will be over soon.

If anyone finds a shirt that says, "Powered by: Apple juice" please let me know because it is both true and humorous. Easton asks for it by name repeatedly all day long. Water has lost it's favor and flavor according to their desires.

Outdoor activities were limited so we played with every toy in the house several times through the rotation. Only a few bumps and bruises as we learned the soccer slippers are indeed... slippery. The traction on the bottom isn't grippy on our tile floor so when Layla comes roaring around the corner she looks like a Dachshund on a skating rink.

Anyway, over the past few days I looted a few pictures of Easton AND Layla in the same shot. These are their new pajamas as an early Christmas gift from our friend and neighbor, Marsha.

You'd be amazed at how excited two kids can be about dinosaurs and pigs. Especially Layla who made sure everyone in the room noticed her little piggies. She sure looks proud and happy!

And you should hear the noises she makes when asked what a pig sounds like. Our friends, Scott and Marisue, spent the evening hanging out with us. It turned into Mission Impossible trying to get a good picture of them with the twins, but I did capture Marisue gladly accepting the free will hugs given out by Easton and Layla.

I did my best to get a picture of her face instead of the back of her head, but this was one of those rare candid shots of the twins showing love at the same time in the same frame of a picture. They spent the rest of the night buzzing around like flies chasing Scott and being chased until they laugh so hard it isn't possible to run any further.

Earlier in the weekend I walked Easton and Layla to the park so Kendra could cook and relax in peace for a little while. We met another couple who had a daughter the same age as the twins. They played well together with their new friend and the Dad was nice enough to take a picture of us.

I dug into the archive for this next picture to show their relative growth in 10 months when you compare the way their jackets fit. This next picture is from their 1st birthday.

What an amazing difference in just 10 months! These are the hand-made jackets Oma made for the twins. In the 1st birthday picture you can see how their sleeves are rolled up and the jacket engulfs them. In the recent park picture, the jacket just barely fits. Also, Easton and Layla finally have hair.

The next few days will be filled with packing and making travel arrangements to prepare for our trip to NorCal. We are looking forward to spending time with Kendra's relatives and our friends while in town. Nothing says "holidays" like spending time with family!

See you soon.

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Dustin & Michaela said...

Hey Bronson,

When are you guys coming into town and how long will you be here? If you have some time, we'd love to get Landon together with his cousins for a playdate (or maybe we could take them to see Christmas lights or something). Let me know!