Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Howdy family,

I'm rarely aware of exactly what is being passed down from me to the twins.  Sometimes it's mannerisms, sometimes vocabulary, sometimes the very things Kendra and I detest in character, habits, and communication.  Once in a while I intentionally pass down something to them like snow ice cream.  With the last snow we made sure to have two full batches of the good stuff.  I showed them the ingredients and how to make it.  then I cut them loose to make their own and it turned out great.  We pigged out during a good bonding moment and i'll probably never forget it even though it was unremarkable to most people. 

Kendra and I went out for a few hours alone while Ouma was in town.  We drove up to Christy's Mom's house while she was out of town and sat on her back deck overlooking the Sound.  In the middle of Kendra's recovery from whatever this is going on in her bowels, we found a few minutes to just rest and exist side-by-side with a beautiful view.  There were many days before this picture and many after where she has felt terribly sick and struggled through pain, but there are these moments where the rain stops (literally and figuratively) and the sun breaks through.  I love these moments.

i've been filling many roles lately that Kendra has done historically, but can't right now.  I've made breakfast before, but not all the time.  i've taken the kids around like a taxi, but not all the time.  i've managed the bed time routine often, but not all the time.  The last few weeks have allowed me to spend high quality and lots of quantity time with the kids.  I'm excited for Kendra to get back to a teamwork level equal in this, but i'm content and seeing the positive benefits of focusing every waking minute on our family other than work time. 

Kendra gave the twins their own Starbucks mini-coffee mugs for Christmas.  They are supposed to be ornaments, but i use them for fresh-squeezed juice shots in the morning.  Of course, Layla is pink and Easton is blue.  what's new...

The value of our family time together is never more visible than when we read our chapter-per-night from the Bible.  On this night we made full use of our king-size bed where all four of us were side-by-side. 

Our Sunday morning turned into church at home as we crammed onto the living room couch together.  This was the first time we really spent time in prayer and teaching how to hear God.  We prayed for Kendra and planted some seeds for going after some big time dreams and goals.  We'll look back on this day as the start for some significant outcomes.  For now it just looks like we dug a hole and threw some seeds in it.

While the neighborhood watched NFL playoffs I rounded up the neighbor kids and took them on a hike in the woods.  in the rain...  with two dogs. 

The scenery was amazing, as always.  I was proud of the kids for tackling the 2 mile mud trail with only small amounts of whining.  Some of these kids may end up as trail running champions.  if so, i'm taking credit for it now. 

Most couples, married and single, go on dates that are normal.  movie and dinner, driving adventure, shopping, and all manner of picture-worthy fun.  We'll get back there soon, but for now we spend our alone times at the hospital.  We're both so tired of doctors and hospitals.  My eye rolling is exactly how i feel about spending a day-date with Kendra as she gets a colonoscopy. 

We are 25 days out from taking our family Disney World trip. We have to get a few things squared away first with Kendra's help, but we are seriously looking forward to this.  After a year of planning and thousands of dollars paid, we are at a fever pitch around the Webb house just itching to go have some serious fun together. 

See you soon!

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