Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hospital to Home

Greetings family,

Well this year is getting off to an eventful start.  Kendra spent 4 days in hospital after dealing with excruciating abdominal pain and flu-like symptoms.  Because of her history and doctors being cautious they did a full CT scan and discovered she is still 100% cancer free.  Then they ran several other tests and discovered she had colitis, which is some sort of intestinal virus.  Anyway, our world was turned upside down for a while, but we managed well.  our neighbors stepped in to help with the twins.  What a huge blessing that was for us to have such dependable friends right around our house.  She came home and we've been slowly nursing her back to full health.

Easton came down with a fever and I turned on the batman search light to call for help.  He didn't come, but he sent Ouma, which is way better than batman.  She generously sacrificed her time to be here with Kendra and the twins.  She also did some sewing lessons with Layla.  I am happy for that skill to be transferred down through the generations.

in the middle of the chaos I still had chances to have one on one time with Layla.  She was dressed up in her new coat for our daddy date.  we ended up at the ice cream shop because i'm a sucker.  Her smile is still bright even with all the braces covering up part of it.  Our conversations are starting to shift towards boys in her class who have a crush on her and how she manages herself through the playground drama of 4th grade.

Easton's best friend is Kain and Layla's best friend is Makaya.  Rowan is the little sister Layla never had, but we treat all of this crew as our own. 

As we read our way through the new testament book-by-book in a year, i'm discovering so much that I never saw before.  It's becoming a part of our nightly bed time routine and forming the new habit just as I hoped.  We are two weeks in and still going strong.  only 50 more to go!  Here we have Easton reading, Layla in my lap following along with my Bible, and Kendra's foot, proving she is present and participating in our joyous time together. 

See you soon.

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