Sunday, January 7, 2018

Staycation holiday this year

Happy New Year family,

Our time during the new year holiday was memorable, but not super adventurous. We had invitations to do things, but declined almost everything.  We spent the days off at home mostly.  We slept in, worked around the house, and spent time together for one of the most peaceful weeks of our lives in the past few years.  Nobody came to stay with us and we didn't go out of town.  I can't remember when was the last Christmas we spent like that.  Easton is still in play mode every chance he gets.  The neighbor boys hang out almost daily.  I asked to take a picture of them and here they are... normal, awkward elementary aged boys who have no idea how to take a group photo. 

With Layla's figure skating instructors taking off the holiday season, Layla had a much needed break from the ice.  The only time she laced up her skates was for a family outing with our neighbors.  The twins are still best friends even though they are growing more and more independent.  They are still as close as ever and learning even deeper what it means to love one another. 

and look who else was on the ice? Kendra!  This was the first time since before cancer that she joined Layla on the ice.  I don't know why having her mommy on the ice with her is such an emotional marker, but Layla hasn't been convinced on Kendra's healing until now.  She's mentioned a few times how Kendra hasn't skated with her so we made sure this moment was captured on camera and widely discussed. 

It's been almost three years since that fateful day of the start of Kendra's cancer journey.  I don't take a single moment for granted.  Seeing the 4 Webbs together never gets old for me.  It's overwhelming joy just being able to experience these moments. 

Our new year's eve was shared with our next door neighbor's Clay and Suzanne.  We had a feast of a dinner, played some cards, set off some fireworks and turned in early to bed.  It was anti-climactic, but super valuable for us to enjoy neighboring together and wake up refreshed the next day.

I took the twins and Max out for a hike one day.  It was cold and cloudy, but we need to get some steps in for the day so I drug them begrudgingly out to the trail.  We found a new geo-cache so that made the trip more exciting.  Kendra didn't come along because she still has a limited amount of energy to exert each day so we went without her to keep the cabin fever away. 

I committed to reading through the New Testament in 2018.  I know there are many programs to read through the whole Bible in a year, but that is overly aggressive for where the twins are at right now so we are sticking with just the new testament.  one chapter per day, five days per week.  That will get us through the whole thing in a year.  It's a lofty goal, but i'm tenacious and consistent enough to pull this off.  Each night before bed time we all grab our Bibles and read out loud each verse.  After one week they are already getting more comfortable with this routine and more interested in Biblical truths we discuss. 

Plenty of comfy pajamas and blankets as we work our way through the book of Mark.  Before now, they didn't know if we are reading our Bible on our phone apps or just swiping our life away on social media.  I'm really excited about their excitement for having a paper-based book to hold and read through on their own.  Devices are awesome and audio books are a daily part of my studious diet, but there is something special about them seeing me setting aside time for reading the Bible.

It was raining and 45 degrees today, which is perfect weather for a hike in the woods, if you live in Seattle.  I asked our neighbor if he and his son wanted to join us and Kain for a hike.  They jumped right on the spontaneous idea and within a few minutes drive we were deep in the lush forest splashing in mud puddles and deep in conversation.  I stopped long enough for us to let out a big yell for no reason other than a celebration of using our outside voices. 

The scenery around this city is straight out of a movie set.  Although Easton would rather be sitting indoors building lego structures or playing video games, i'm continually bringing him into nature to keep him grounded and fit.  Just a little 3-mile hike to get Max muddy enough for a bath.  These are good days...

See you soon!

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