Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Holiday 4Webbs Alone

Merry Christmas family,

The biggest news of the month is Easton and Layla getting braces on the same day.  The orthodontist has been preparing them for the past few weeks and now it's finally time to get this party started.  many kids get braces in 2nd or 3rd grade so the twins are a little late to game by some measures.  They were brave troopers as the ortho glued and shoved all manner of metal in their mouth.

The new and improved bed time routine just added about 30 minutes to the already long timeline.  Now they have to floss with the super floss and have their expander clicked over every night.  Only three more years or so and we'll be done with this process that we are already want to be over.

Easton and I finally had the chance to experience crabbing.  To be successful you need: 1) crab pots 2) skills to use the equipment 3) the location of where the crabs are 4) a license for the certain crab at a certain time of year.  We have exactly zero of those, but luckily we met a cub scout dad who has all four.  We met the two of them out at the pier and froze our noses off as we observed.  Only one crab was caught and it was too small so we didn't take any home, but we learned so much and had fun.  Maybe next time we'll go during the summer?  yes, please.

These pics are not in chronological order so i'll have to bounce around a little in the stories to get it all done.  We went to a Christmas light show at a local church with our neighbors.  lots of lights to look at and hot cocoa to drink.  I guess this is our official Christmas photo this year since we weren't around a huge family gathering or much of anyone to take a proper Christmas picture of the 4 webbs.

We went indoors to get cookies at the light show and the twins found some school friends who were there also.  Was fun to see them interact with their friends and watch them be social in a way they don't normally act when we're just hanging out at home as a family.

Easton asked me often when we could go whittle with knives.  I've been putting it off because of the rain and snow and cold, but finally we had a non-rainy day.  We sat on the front steps and shaved some sticks down to nothing with his new knives from Papa.

One of those cold, rainy nights we took the twins to get a banana split.  There is no stopping these two when it comes to frozen desserts.  Kendra wanted them to try a banana split because they never had one before this night.  Still fun to experience a "first" once in a while.

a few days before Christmas we let the twins open one special present each.  We gave them their own Bible.  They were excited and grateful, which made me proud.  They've been reading from my phone regularly for the past many months, but it's time for them to get into their own groove when it comes to Biblical literacy.

Poor Max is a casualty of the cold, rainy days because he sits on the couch looking out over the neighborhood.  We took an early afternoon to go to our favorite dog park where Max ran his legs off.

We stood facing the sun whenever possible to soak up the vitamin D.  They are not old enough to stay at home alone yet so the twins come along with us for every outing.  we are making the most of these moments because there is coming a day very soon where we will have less and less family outings.  For now we are living the dream in many ways.

Here is our fireplace and TV playing Christmas music with a fireplace and tree.  We played Christmas songs for many hours over the month of December.  So many classics to pass along to these two...

Our real tree held up well this year.  Presents were few this year because we agreed that that upcoming Disney trip is our present.  Luckily they have grandparents, friends, and cousins who sent more than enough gifts.  Their Christmas morning wasn't lacking one bit. We spent several days sleeping in, playing with neighbors, and resting.

We had a white Christmas!  On Christmas eve we went  to sleep with light rain, but woke up Christmas morning to a few inches of snow covering the entire city. 

The 4 Webbs have been bundled up in our winter gear for weeks and there isn't any sign of tshirts and shorts in the near future.  If we have to be cold, then at least we are having some outdoor fun and family time.  We went to the kid's school to sled down the hill, thrown snowballs, build a snowman, and meet new neighbors. 

This holiday break involved many hours of reading for the twins.  They are reading the Warrior series about cats.  Layla jumped in late so she is doing her best to catch up with Easton, but they are both plowing through these as fast as I can buy them on Amazon.  Easton is on book 13 and Layla is on book 5.  There are 30 books total, which means i'll be buying the other two sets soon. 

Easton doesn't like swimming at the local pool because it is heated, but the air is the same temperature as the outside.  Layla likes swimming, her mermaid tail, and socializing with friends and strangers.  So that's why i have a picture of Layla swimming like a mermaid with her friend and Easton is nowhere to be found.  I froze my buns off for an hour, but the girls had a blast.

Our neighbors invited us to join them for a winter hike up in the mountains.  This was the day before it snowed in Seattle so we thought it might be our only chance to sled. My favorite part was being with Kendra making memories.  She is adventurous enough to drive our front-wheel-drive van into the mountains with a snow storm warning. 

Everything worked out well and nothing scary happened in the driving experience.  We were so bundled up that we could lay down in the snow and eat some without getting cold.  We finally have the right gear to properly enjoy the cold weather fun.

Layla wanted to go sledding one more time before the snow melted so we walked down the street to a small hill with Max.  She whooshed down the hill and Max chased her.  During my few days off work this year I looked for opportunities to have one-on-one time because these are the moments that mean the most to me. 

Our house on Christmas morning was like a scene from a movie.  It was also really cold so i sent Easton outside with the camera to get a picture.  His photography skills are coming along nicely! even though the calm, snow-covered neighborhood only lasted a couple of days, we made the most of our time together with no regrets. 

See you soon.

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