Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Turkey Day 1-2

Howdy family,

The 4 Webbs took a little trip to Missouri for a marvelous week of togetherness with my extended family.  I'm breaking this up into each day because there are just too many stories and pictures to capture in a single post. 

The trip started out great with our neighbor driving us in the battle wagon to the airport.  We walked up to the ticket counter and that's when I realized I left my driver's license at home.  Kendra and the twins breezed through and luckily I had my concealed carry license, a credit card, and my TSA precheck approval letter.  They let me on the plane!  The twins were dismayed at the thought of me not getting on the flight, but we kept our heads cool and showed them what it looks like to remain calm and go with the flow even when dad forgets his license. 

on the flight into springfield, the twins sat two rows behind Kendra and I.  It was a test run of what it would be like for them to fly together alone without us.  some day we'll let them go for real, but today is not that day. 

We arrived in springfield to cheers from Joanie's family and Nana and Papa.   They even had a sign made for us.  It was a pleasant surprise with lots of hugs.  We stopped by Culver's on the way home because we were hungry, then ate at Nana's house all together. 

I spent the next morning with Easton being productive and relaxing at the same time.  I went for a hair cut because i knew family portraits were on the agenda. While i was getting my hair cut by a lady named Kendra, she asked if she could fix Easton's hair too because the last place he went for a cut didn't do an excellent job.   

Then we went for Andy's because I set a goal to eat their delicious custard every day. Us two Seattle boys aren't used to so much direct sunlight.   You can tell by his expression how bright it was.   

The other thing we did every single day was walk Max in the massive acreage behind Nana's house.  I'm not sure if Max or Easton enjoyed exploring more.  We took my niece Trinity with us hoping to see some wildlife.  We were all delighted, including Max, with the sighting of a fox, a rabbit, a woodpecker, and many other birds.  It was like going to a zoo.

In the evening all of our family got together for dinner and games.  We haven't been here in three years so it was almost like a brand new experience for the twins.

Papa bought a new foam mattress for our room, which made Kendra's body very happy.  We both have a very narrow tolerance for sleeping conditions, which include bed firmness, temperature in the room, number of pillows (7 between the two of us), and thickness of blankets.  just to name a few.  We would never have made it as pioneers on a dirt floor with a pillow made of hay.  I am thankful we live in these wonderfully advanced and spoiled times.

see you soon!

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