Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween and seasons

Greetings family,

Happy belated Halloween!  That's how late this post is.  I've been a little extra busy positioning my career path to navigate a reorg and running the household while Kendra is in Phoenix doing a tour of doctor visits and outings with friends.  Halloween this year was excellent in many ways.  Easton was Master Chief from Halo and Layla was a rainbow vampire cat.

I was a Christmas tree.  Not exactly original or flashy, but it kept me warm and didn't require me to go shopping or spend money.  I call that a win for everyone.  We walked through our neighborhood and the adjacent neighborhoods around us.  Kendra stayed at our front door handing out candy as I went with the kids and our horde of friends.

Then I stayed at the house handing out the last bits of candy that quickly ran out.  we will be more prepared next year!  Kendra was bad girl.  I never got a full picture of her, but here's the best 4 Webbs picture we took that night among the chaos. 

Layla finished up cheer finally.  She loved every minute of it and every aspect.  The choreography, the social interactions, the learning and the physical activity.  She is a rock star.

Here's my favorite pic of the cheer leading season.  She was always front and center, leading all the girls and being the loudest one of the group.  We watched the Seahawks game together as a family, which is a rare occasion.  Layla noticed the professional cheer leaders and her first instinct reaction was, "their outfits are way too revealing and not appropriate."  I sighed and nodded my head in agreement.  I told her I'm proud of her for knowing what modesty is and her desire to be appropriate with the way she dresses even in sports.

The only thing Layla is happy about being done with cheer leading is that now she won't be doing cheer leading and figure skating six days per week.  It was a bit much, but she handled it ok.  Now she's back to only three days per week in figure skating.  I get to take her on my way to work in the morning.  We have breakfast and spend quality one on one time together.  She was telling me a story about her schooling in a very animated fashion.  I took this picture of her to capture the expressiveness and her intensity.

These are the three amigos.  Easton has his best friend, Kain, and his second best friend, Tashinga.  The three of them play almost every day.  They play in the park, nerf guns inside the house, riding bikes, and occasionally playing video games.  He is blooming so well lately, partly because he is loving life with best friends.

Easton and his buddies raked up huge piles of leaves to play in.  Easton has been talking about this for weeks now.  This is one of the fun experiences he's really enjoying that he could never do in Phoenix.  It's interesting and fun for me to watch as he recognizes the good things about living here and embraces our surroundings.

Max has a best friend too.  His name is Bo and he's a newborn puppy adopted into our neighbor's home.  He and Max are getting along like champs.  They play fight and run around Amber's yard every time they get together.   I made Max share his bed for this picture.  You can see he is not amused at all...

Speaking of friends... Layla has a friend named Armani who lives just down the street.  this is her second best friend only because they don't get together as often as her other friend.

Makaya had a sassy few months where she wasn't all that friendly towards Layla, Then one day she just came over and wanted to hang out.  Now they are besties and have a healthy friendship.  Kendra and I took the two of them for a walk with us around the neighborhood.  I treated it as a photo shoot and captured several pics of them being friends.

We passed by a neighbors house on our walk. Kendra complimented him on his garden.  He cut Layla the biggest pie plate dahlia rose I've ever seen.

and he cut a bouquet of other flowers for Makaya.  The fall colors around her are vibrant.

We spent every sunny day outdoors for the past month because we never knew when it would be the last time we would get to do that before winter sets in here.

While Kendra was in Phoenix we went to a traditional institutional church at the recommendation of our friends.  The twins enjoyed the friendliness of the new acquaintances and I had a good experience being with a new group of like-minded followers of Christ.  We are still discovering what it looks like to be the Church, but it certainly can included attending a Sunday morning gathering.  We'll see what Kendra thinks next weekend...

See you soon!

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