Monday, December 4, 2017

Turkey day 3-4

Howdy y'all,

After a couple of days around the Ozarks I could tell my accent was already back in action. Three years ago we visited here for my parents 50th anniversary.  We told Easton about the Titanic museum in Branson, but weren't able to go.  In our discussions about taking this trip, Easton made it clear he only has one expectation and that is to go to the Titanic museum.  I drove him there for some father-son time alone.  We arrived and were amazed by the size of the building and the likeness of the ship.

Unfortunately they don't allow any pictures inside the building so all we have is this one above and our memories.  The museum is full of real items from the ship and many others, such as Easton's favorite.  He really like the key to the locker where the binoculars were kept.  The guy left it at home and this is thought to be one of the many fatal mistakes.  Anyway, he was extremely satisfied with the hyped up experience and wants to go again... tomorrow.

Our daily hike out behind Papa's house was another successful romp through the woods with Max.  Easton brought Papa's binoculars to get close up views of red tailed hawks and rabbits. 

Easton had some learning time with Papa as they stood up three bird houses in the back yard.  There was drilling, sawing, and measuring going on to get them proudly mounted on the back fence for all to see.  Within a day, birds were building nests and taking up residence on the Webb property.  I'm glad Easton was able to have some instruction and learning time with Dad.

I didn't see Layla hardly at all this day because she was wrapped up in girly cousin fun dress up time.  Easton is in a gap with the cousins where there aren't any boys close to his age, but Layla and her cousins are right in the sweet spot for making good connections.

I went by my old university where i earned my under graduate degree.  two of my professors, one in math and one in computer science, were still there teaching in the same area.  Hard to believe it's been 20 years!  I took Easton with me for that trip (he took the picture). I'm glad he came because he was able to experience life on a college campus for the first time. 

My best friend for life is Ryan.  We've been friends since high school and will always be friends no matter what.  Lucky for me, he lives across town from my folks so Kendra and I took Easton to meet them out for an evening.  At his house he showed us around the property including some horse petting to make the farm feel complete.

Easton and I stayed the night at his house spontaneously.  I had no toothbrush or clothes, but that didn't matter.  We had a great time with Nerf gun wars, riding the self-balancing scooter, and staying up late talking.

Really made my week to have time with him and his family.  Easton had some much needed play time with his son, who is the same age.  We decided we will plan a trip in the summer of 2018 as a father-son double adventure somewhere.  not sure where we will go, but I set the target as "epic" and "achieving something substantial".  now we just need to get this in motion because summer will be here before we know it.

See you soon!

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