Saturday, November 18, 2017

We're frozen

Greetings family,

Kendra was gone to Phoenix for a week and we had a miserably great time.  We missed her very much, but it went by really fast.  I was happy for her to have sleep-in time, friend time, doctor visit time and all the other ways she spent her week away.  On the day before she returned I had a cleaning service come to our house.  This was the first time in my life to pay for someone to clean my house.  I'm still not sure it was worth the cost, but Kendra happily came home to a clean house.  This is by far the best our house has ever looked.  Our master bedroom isn't always this perfect, but it's very well kept, thanks to Kendra. 

We celebrated our first snow.  it didn't stay long, but Easton built a two-foot tall snowman with our neighbor friends before school.  We bundled up for a few days in a row from the unseasonably cold weather, but the twins are so acclimated already that they didn't even flinch about the frosty temps.  They both still wanted ice cream, so that's a good indication it wasn't that cold.

Layla performed her last cheer session of the season.  Easton and I bundled up on the front row and clapped along with the cheer squad.  Layla was front and center as the leader the entire season.  This last game was not one she wanted to attend because it was chilly. 

as soon as the game ended the girls gathered up their things and ran to the vehicles to thaw out.  I brought her hot chocolate from home, but that wan't enough to keep her toes warm.  It's interesting to go from the hot summer at the beginning of the season to frozen cold by the end. 

On Sunday afternoon we attended a church service at the request of our friends.  Although we are experiencing frequent, valuable connecting time with our neighbors through the week, we haven't figured out how to bring them into the conversations in a meaningful way.  until then, i'm willing to be bored and disappointed for an hour each Sunday while the kids get to interact with kids their age who share the same values as we do.

Anyway, after the time with the church, it snowed so i took the twins and our neighbor Kain to the local rock climbing gym.  They had a blast and I did my best to teach them how to boulder. 

The place was packed because not many climbers are out on the real rocks while snow is falling.  We found plenty of routes to climb and I was proud of them for taking on the challenges. 

I even had some one on one climb time with Easton where he followed me as I scrambled across the wall.  I would like to make this a father-son thing we do together, but it sure was expensive.  real estate and services in Washington are ridiculously pricey.  and the rock gym is a little too far away to make this a regular occurrence.  i'll take the moments as they come and squeeze every last little bit of goodness from our time together. 

Easton read the first six books of the Warriors series about cats.  He moved on to the second set of the series and Layla started on the first.  Easton used his money from chores to buy a character guide book.  He was so excited for Layla to join him in reading the series that he explained in great detail about the characters.  I came up stairs to say goodnight and found them reading together.  makes my heart warm to see them get along and enjoying being around each other.

See you soon!

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