Friday, October 27, 2017

Falling into puberty

Greetings family,

Things are getting even more interesting by the day as the twins get close to the double digit age in a few months.  Layla is starting to get some visual queues as she develops and both of them are starting to stink, which means deodorant is becoming a daily chore along with the dreadful showers.  Easton would wear the same old ratty high-water pants with holes in the knees and cheeto-stained shirt every day if we let him.  He has zero interest in fashion, cleanliness, or girls.  Layla, on the other hand is our style queen who asks me about boys all the time.  such different experiences raising one boy and one girl side-by-side as they walk into this thing called puberty.

They arrived home from school and I asked them to pose for a second while I capture the dazzling yellowness of the tree in our front yard and the happy after-school kid looks they have going on.  The scenery around here is amazing this time of year.

I took this random picture of a lighthouse in Mukilteo after a work function ended.  Probably one of the best pictures captured by the lame camera on my iPhone.  has nothing to do with the 4 webbs other than representing the surroundings of our little corner of the world up here in Seattle.

We make the most of every sunny day because it's hard to know when it will be our last one.  we took advantage of a sunny, relatively warm Sunday morning to walk Max at Marymoor dog park.  I decided not to take any family pics because it was one of those rare times where I just wanted us to enjoy the time together without turning every situation into a professional photo shoot.  The one pic I took was when Easton found this huge leaf on the ground and came up to show Kendra and I.  We both make an extra effort to be excited about the things he shares with us because we want to encourage him to continue throughout life.  I want him to know how important he is to us and whatever he thinks is interesting is worth our time to affirm him. 

see you soon!

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