Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Birthday finally over

Howdy family,

I'm finally wrapping up the birthday pics and stories because this feels like a never ending story.  The twins will stretch out the festivities as long as they are getting presents, celebration time, or cupcakes.  Eating out with the 4 Webbs is always an adventure.  Kendra and the twins were making a similar face and I had a good laugh as I caught their simultaneous expressions.  I had them recreate the look so I could capture it in a picture.

Kendra and Layla look more alike every day.

Alaysha was on the birthday bandwagon express and joined in with gift giving.  She is very thoughtful and fits in so well as a big sister.  Layla received a heart shaped vanity mirror because there are zero mirrors on the second floor of our abode.  She gave Easton the ultimate guide to pokemon characters.  Now he's a walking pokemon encyclopedia who knows what turns into something else and all of their stats.

We vistited Doyle and Christy one evening because they are the only friends we have here in Seattle who have known us longer than a couple of months.  They prepared a great home-cooked meal for us, including a perfect birthday moment with singing to them and blowing out candles on cupcakes.

There is something very comforting about being around someone who knows you and has a history.  We appreciate them very much and hope they will also give Ouma and Oupa one more reason to come visit more often.

When I wrote the previous post i didn't have all of the pics yet from my daddy day with Easton.  This is the official space needle picture we took before getting on the elevator.  I like the other one better where Easton is on my back, but this one looks a little more enticing because there is a sunset.

We are still discovering local parks on the brief breaks in the weather.  I told them we are going to a new place so be prepared for it to be great or terrible.  Turned out to be very age appropriate and enjoyable.  Plenty of structures to climb on and other kids to run around with.  you can't have adventures without adventuring!

During one of our many outings to Target, we found a lego batman scavenger hunt was being conducted by the store.  We walked around to find all of the Batman pictures hung up in various locations.  Their prize was a tiny lego penguin and a poster that we threw away the day after we earned them because they didn't really care that much about the swag.

The biggest accomplishment of the month of February was getting to the very last unopened box from our move.  I am happy to announce that every single box has at least been opened and inspected.  Not all boxes are unpacked, but I'm happy to take one victory at a time.  We are still hanging pictures and painting, but there are some days where we don't do any home improvement task at all.  That means we are getting closer to being done with the move.

See you soon!

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