Friday, February 17, 2017

One-on-one birthday party

howdy fam,

The great birthday, which really was a week or a month, is finally ending and our nine year old twins are taking full advantage of our celebration atmosphere.  The weekend before their birthday was too cold and rainy so we planned a big day on the Saturday after.  I don't even know when this picture was taken, but it shows their normal mode of transportation any time our car ride takes longer than 20 minutes.  The wireless headsets and movie screen are very valuable.  They keep their coats on all the time and Max is a good middle-seat rider with us.

I took Easton for a one-on-one daddy birthday trip.  I told him we could go anywhere he wants and do whatever he wants, within reason.  He chose the Space Needle tour and the Museum of Fight.  The space needle was a big hit.  Easton was hyped up from the moment we arrived until we walked out of the gift store at the bottom.  The views were amazing.  We walked 360 degrees around the top while talking about every major landmark and odd thing we saw.  He did a report about it during our home school days in Bellevue.  The facts and details he knew about the space needle before we even went up was impressive.

Then we went to the museum where we wandered through thousands of square feet of indoor and outdoor displays.  fighter jets, old planes, and the best one was the Boeing 787 dreamliner.  We finally had the chance to walk through one and see the cockpit.

We ended our day with a trip to Target where he picked out some pokemon trading cards to add to his collection.  He has a couple of friends at school, but since he's still really new we didn't want to waste time and money on a party with a bunch of kids he may or may not be friends with in the next few years.

When i picked him up from school one day i discovered he was secretly trading pokemon cards with another kid.  apparently they are outlawed on campus so as soon as school hours were over he was wheelin' and dealin'.  This is by far his most passionate pursuit to date and i'm glad he is excited about something that requires him to use his memory, read, follow along in a big story, and interact with other kids.

Layla and Kendra had a mommy/daughter date while Easton and i were out on the town.  Layla had her first spa day including a manicure and shopping.  i'm not sure if Kendra took any pictures of her day-long birthday outting, but here's a picture of Layla and I from the birthday storm.  the pond didn't freeze this time, but it turned our neighborhood into a winter wonderland.  The other night at bedtime, after i said, "i love you!" she said, "Dad, you always say I love you a million times a day."  I said, "that's perfect.  exactly what I hope you will experience as my daughter."

See you soon!

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