Monday, July 11, 2016

Seattle Vacation - Day 2

Hello family,

Day 2 in Seattle was a tourist kind of day with lots of resting at home.  We even had a rare moment where Kendra took a selfie as we hung out on the couch.

I'm really glad for the twins to be bored from time to time.  They are finding creative things to do together and separate.  puzzles, coloring, reading, playing with toy plane sets, and all kinds of self-entertaining things to do during the down times between adventures.

Kendra prayed for great weather and her prayers are being answered:  Perfectly brisk and partly sunny.  I'm loving the novelty of clouds, breezes through trees, and the occasional misting.  We've been going on daily family hikes in the woods.  The trails look like this:

and the crazy things we see look like this:

The creek washed out a route next to a tree but the tree roots still connect to the other side of the creek!  Easton, Layla, and Layla Ruth are three peas-in-a-pod as we explore and discover all kinds of plants and animals.

Christy, Ouma, Oupa and Kendra go at their own pace while the kids and Max race up ahead.  These steep stairs and deep woods make for some great views and out-of-breath adults.

Layla and Layla Ruth are best friends if ever two 8 year olds were.  They are having the best time together.  I'm so happy for Layla to experience what it feels like to be around someone who has known her since she was a baby.

Dress up is always a part of the indoor togetherness.  When they are not touching slugs and digging for crabs through the seaweed, they dress up as princesses and have tea parties.

Easton and I are having some excellent bonding experiences and adventures of our own.  The Boeing factory has a tour and museum called the "future of flight".  The photographer superimposed us onto the factory floor in the largest building in the world.  It can fit Disneyland and 12 acres of parking inside!

There were some interactive things in the museum like this jet engine.  Easton loves anything related to flight, transportation, and engineering.  Seeing a jet engine up close was a highlight for him.

He sat in a cockpit of a 747 and asked me what each and every button and switch do.  He realized quickly that I have no idea about flying jets.

In the background you can see the Dream Lifter, which is an odd shaped plane that transports pieces of the Dream Liner, 787 to be assembled.  from this observation deck we saw test planes perform takeoffs and landings.  If i had to guess, this experience will be what he remembers most about Seattle, but we have a few days left in our trip.  :

See you soon!

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