Friday, July 8, 2016

Seattle Vacation - Day 1

Hello family,

The 4 Webbs are on a real vacation (no work, no school, no responsibilities) in Seattle.  Before we left, we had a big home-cookin' breakfast with Oupa's mom and dad, Don and Avon.  Easton and Layla are blessed to have great grandparents who are still alive and healthy enough to spend time with us.  Their only other great grandparents are GG, Ouma's mom, and grandpa Siebold on my mom's side.  Anyway, Avon and Don have been married over 60 years and I am grateful for Easton and Layla to have the chance to know them.

The 4 Webbs took a flight with Ouma and Oupa and Max to Seattle.  The highlight for Easton was riding the tram.

The highlight for Layla was sitting being Kendra and Ouma during the flight.

Max did great in the airport.  Kendra was able to take Max for free because he is considered her "emotional therapy" dog.  He flew well, traveled well, and is being an awesome dog just like we have come to expect.

Easton was a good travel partner.  He held my hand as we navigated through the mass of crowds.  Not sure how many more years I can expect him to hold my hand in public, but for now he is more than willing.

We arrived at SeaTac airport, hopped in the rented minivan, and drove to Christy and Doyle's house.  The view from their front yard overlooks the Puget Sound from Mukilteo.  They were hospitable to let the 4 Webbs and Ouma and Oupa take over their house.

We arrived under sunny conditions so we took advantage of the weather by going directly to the Picnic Point beach.  I took a candid of Ouma and Oupa walking hand-in-hand along the beach.  I am continually looking up to them as role models for how to love each other well.

Christy showed the twins how to catch tiny crabs.  They are both fearless and started to fill their sand buckets with these little critters.

Oupa saw the train coming across the island so Easton and I hurried up to the bridge so we could watch the train go right under us.  This was a special occasion to be so up close to these massive machines.  We felt the strong wind blowing on us as the train flew by.  It's hard to explain the experience of standing over a train as it moves along the track, but I know Easton will never forget it.

You can see by our smiles how much we love to be at the beach.  I wish we could spend more days and weeks at the beach throughout the year, but living in Phoenix doesn't lend itself well to beach life. We'll take what we can get!

The twins had their buckets full of shells and tiny crabs and sand.  The water was surprisingly pleasant, but the beach was not very sandy here.  It was more rocky than anything and there was massive amounts of seaweed covering the shoreline.

We met up with April and Jason and Landon and Layla Ruth for ice cream and a beach sunset at Mukilteo beach. Jason and I had a father / daughter moment where the four of us sat on some driftwood while watching the waves roll in.

Easton as being silly as Kendra took a picture of him on the log.  He turned his ice cream upside down and didn't realize it would be dripping out onto his leg, but it did.  I am glad he is comfortable and confident enough in himself to be silly in public.

Our Layla and their Layla really are best friends.  they love being together and get along surprisingly well considering their differences in personalities.

Kendra and April get along as well as any best friends could ever hope for.  I am happy for Kendra to be around April any time for as long as she can because it is good for her soul.  see the similarities between the two pics?

The 4 Webbs are together and loving vacation time more than ever.  I am so glad to be sharing these experiences with all of us together.

Back at "Aunt Christy's" house, the twins played with Layla Ruth and Evelyn, Christy's granddaughter.  Their backyard is big enough for a kid play area and grassy enough to be useful, unlike our rock and cactus filled backyard in Phoenix.  These are the times to take advantage of what's available!

When we watched the sunset, we saw the ferry transporting cars across to Whidbey island, which is where plan to go in a couple of days.  What a great way to start our vacation week!

See you soon.

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