Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Passions and Interests

Greetings friends and family,

The past six months have been one continuous cycle of re-evaluating what's important in life.  I wish I had a better way to describe in words what's going on in my heart and my head, but words are so inadequate considering the depth and breadth of what it's like to be me lately.  So much pain and so much joy.  So much learned and so much unknown.  So much experienced and so much missed.  In all of these extraordinary highs and lows I don't even know what to share.  Every day seems to drag on forever as Kendra's recovery is better, but barely can be noticed from one day to the next.  We get caught in the middle of the doctors who are understaffed and the insurance companies who have a singular goal of denying as many requests as possible.  I'm not angry or bitter a God or Kendra or family or friends or anyone, but the insurance company gets on my nerves pretty easily.

Anyway, life goes on in the middle of struggles and victories both.  The Phoenix area is in transition from summer to fall, which means the daytime highs are only 100 degrees.  Time to break out the onesies and thick pajamas!  Kendra bought Easton his new winter pjs...  Chewbacca from star wars, complete with the fuzzy hood.  I have no idea why he's posing like this, but we were having fun with taking pics.

Layla didn't get her winter pajama set yet, but she did get stung by a bee.  While we swam in our pool Layla jumped in with me.  As she jumped, a bee must have got stuck behind her knee.  When we landed in the water she got this progressively more expressive crying and whimpering.  I thought she scratched her leg on the side of the pool, but when she showed me where it hurt, i saw the stinger poking out of her leg and here's the cause of the pain

We gave her some antihistamine and she was fine after a few hours.  The two of us are having many interactions per week of quality time.  Especially lately with Kendra not feeling like getting up with the kids or taking them places or putting them to bed.  It's been a long, long marathon of taking care of the twins as much as possible so Kendra can rest.  The time is well worth the sacrifice and missing other opportunities because we are building connection in our relationship very well.  She drew this on her chalkboard for me and gave it to me as a gift.  I couldn't be more proud of her for finding creating ways to express her love.

Our schedule for the next 8 weeks includes two nights per week of the class we teach.  We have 22 leaders and 62 people attending the two classes.  We held a training event at our house where the leaders received a week-long training in one night.  talk about intense.

Here's the a selfie i took of the leaders.  This is a great group of people and we are enjoying every minute of doing life together and helping people become free to be who God made them to be.  This is our passion.  Kendra and I eat, sleep, and breath this because it is the very thing that turned our lives right-side-up and transformed our marriage from being almost over to being over the top awesome.

This is Crys, our friend and co-leader.  Her and her husband Evan are as fanatical about helping people get free as we are.  Her Godfidence shirt is just another way she shows support of Kendra and us and our ministry.  We are living the dream in so many ways.

Easton is karate chopping and kicking everything and everyone now, including Layla.  He knows just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to restrain his power or control his limbs.  He's like a bull in a china closet.  He is set on becoming a black belt though.  I'm happy to support him as he learns great discipline, how to control his body, and how to be assertive in self-defense.  He is excited to have his own "thing" since Layla has figure skating.

I took the twins out for dinner last week because we've been eating out often lately.  time is precious and Kendra is too tired to cook.  breakfast, lunch, and dinner are killing our budget, but i know it's just a season and we'll get back to the normal life of cooking and eating at home soon.  The twins are growing out of clothes at a rapid rate lately.  I'm so happy to see the growing taller and keeping their bodies fit with our active lifestyle.  I walked them to the school gate a few days ago and couldn't believe how many overweight kids there were.  I'm not judging them or their parents, but it made me realize how much Easton and Layla are fit and healthy compared to their classmates.  Sometimes a little exposure provides perspective.

Kendra's MRI is today (Tuesday).  She is so used to being poked with needles and stuffed in machines that it's almost become second nature for her like a routine.   We'll know results by the end of the week and find out when radiation starts.  Can somebody please make 2015 go by faster?  I've been wanting this year to be over since March 5th...

See you soon!

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