Monday, September 28, 2015

getting stronger

Greetings friends and family,

We are back in the waiting game after Kendra had three MRI scans this past week.  We hoped her schedule would lighten up from doctor appointments, but that's not going to happen any time soon.  We are waiting to hear if the spots on her hip bones are cancerous or not.  We are waiting to hear if her vertebrae is healing enough to begin rehab.  She reached her limit on wearing the brace every waking minute of every day for the past six months.  We are hopeful and believing for more and more miracles!  Kendra is getting stronger every day.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...  life goes on and the twins continue to grow.  Layla had a friend over for a play date.  I offered to take the two of them ice skating and that went over well.  It was only $6 for two hours of being cold instead of baking in the heat.  Easy choice!  Layla left her jacket at home, which means I got a couple of pictures of her in her performance outfit.  She's getting more graceful and stronger all the time.

I love that she still looks over as I cheer her on and pay attention to what she's doing.  She can't hear my cheers, but she sees me watching her every move with a big smile on my face and two thumbs up.

Her friend was on the ice for only her second time ever.  It was slow going, but Layla is kind and caring when it comes to rookies on the ice.

I had them stand next to me for pic and i learned the "rabbit ears" thing is still as funny as it was when i was a kid.

The second best part of our weekend was attending the Phoenix Symphony for an hour long concert featuring theme songs from super hero movies.  The free tickets from my work made it worth while to go.  We all dressed up as Captain America and headed downtown.  We drove there in our costumes ready for the big event, but didn't realize only a few people dressed up and most of them were under the age of 10.

It didn't matter to Kendra and I.  Easton and Layla had a slight hesitation as we walked on the downtown streets towards the concert hall, but after a little pep talk and having the experience people smiling and cheering for us, they gained a little confidence and strut in their walk.

Inside the concert hall a few people took pictures with us.  Some little kids thought I was the real Captain America so I was happy to pose for a shot.  We stuck out like sore thumbs and it was awesome.  Kendra looked great in her sparkly dress and gloves.  I was proud of the 4 Webbs for adding some flare to event.

Once inside the auditorium, all of us enjoyed the hour-long concert.  At the end Easton said, "I'm glad you brought us here and I like being in costumes."  That made the whole trip worth it.  Easton's confidence is growing and he's getting stronger every day!

The best part of our weekend was leading our class at church.  We have 38 participants who experienced God in ways they never have before and had their definition shifted for what it means to be transformed and changed.  I consider the night to be a success because of the responses we heard and the relationships between people we saw growing.  This is the fire that burns deep down in our souls.  Seeing people get revelation that results in life-change is the most amazing thing to observe.  Our leadership team is growing and getting stronger every week.  We are developing leaders. That is our calling.

Sunday was an intensely busy day, but we reveled in the moments.  Kendra's schedule is completely unknown, but we expect her to have a CT scan this week and to start her 40 days of radiation next week.  The mountain we are about to climb is steep and painful, but at least we know how long we have to climb.  Thank goodness we are both growing in our relationship and getting stronger every day.

See you soon!

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