Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kendra's complete cancer journey and healing

I've been looking for a way to put Kendra's whole story (with pictures in it) from my facebook account into a single document.  I think this will work...  Here it is, the whole story up to date.  If even one person is encouraged or receives healing or hope then it's all worth the journey.  I'll continue to update this document on the back end, but this link should remain active and up to date as the story continues.

Kendra's complete cancer journey and healing

Her story starts with a fractured T12 vertebrae from a tumor growing inside of it, then quickly falls into the valley of the shadow of death with a diagnosis of stage 4b ovarian clear cell cancer, tumors in her ovaries, liver, and spinal column.  Then she had a hysterectomy   After that things really got difficult as she worked through radiation and chemotherapy.

But...  he story is much more about living a life of resting in peace with power over her circumstances.  Faith and belief in God is her foundation and the beauty in the story is Kendra herself.  It's not about what she is free from.  It's about who she is free to be.  and the journey continues.

Be blessed!

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