Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Summer of Love

Greetings friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are reunited at our home and ready to get on with life as just the 4 Webbs once again after four months of amazing help during Kendra's healing process.  I have a lot to catch up on so the next few days will include all the adventures and excitement from our waning summer days before starting school in a week.

I haven't made it into very many pictures with the twins lately.  I've been the one behind the camera capturing life as it happens.  Ouma was kind enough to get this one for me on request. It's completely staged and posed, but the part I like about the picture is how Easton and Layla are both able to climb up in my lap and hang out with me.  Their perception of the past two weeks together will never match mine and that is perfectly fine.  They spent all day with Ouma and Oupa while I went to work like normal.  The evenings and weekends were full-throttle daddy time though.  That part we will agree on.  We've spent many days and nights together as just the 3 Webbs without Mommy, but there hasn't been a single outing where we didn't miss her terribly.

Aunt Joan's pool provided a private resort for us to get away and have fun together with cousins and other family.  I wasn't there for many of these trips to swim, but their faces show the silly fun we all had together.

Our last night in Sacramento was a grand finale of cousin time at Aunt Susie's house.  Her pool and back yard are plenty big to host all of us comfortably.  All of the Thomas cousins were present except Heather and her family.  The twins were over stimulated by all the family buzzing around and splashing in the pool.  They jumped right in as if they were locals though.

Here's the cousin pic of 2015 because there won't be another one this year that includes more of them together than this.

The newest edition to the family was not a baby.  It is Barbie who is now the fiance of Casey.  I call her sister and we welcomed her into our family a long time before Casey even popped the question.  The twins enjoy spending time with these two because of their willingness to get down on their level of fun.

There will be a day when Layla is too old to ride on Oupa's back, but this is not that day.  They've had more days of grandparent interaction in the past four months than in the past two years combined as we walk through Kendra's healing process.  They have sacrificed more of their time and helped be the hands and feet necessary to keep our family afloat than anyone else.

Dozens of people have given their time, talent, and treasure in amazing ways that we can never repay.   Gifts, money, cleaning, listening ears, cards, and encouragement are examples of the many ways people have given.  However, the most important thing people have done for us is pray.  I'm grateful for every kind gesture and every time Kendra's name is brought up in prayer.  This was truly the summer of love.

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