Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy and Sad

Greetings friends and family,

My blog is called the 4Webbs, but this is the longest span of time since the twins were born that we are not all together.  It'll be 14 days apart when our trip is done.  That is simply too long to be without my lover.  The kids and I are feeling the effects in different ways, but we are all working through missing Kendra and can't wait to be reunited with her back at the casa de Webb soon.

One of the greatest finds recently is the Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B.  At home we have the Sonicare toothbrushes that vibrate for 2 minutes and the kids know when to stop brushing when the toothbrush stops vibrating. However, on vacation we are limited to normal toothbrushes.  I bought them oral-b brushes and toothpaste.  The app scans their toothbrush or the toothpaste.  Then it loads a 2:00 timer where the on-screen toothbrush reveals a picture.  Star wars, Frozen, and super heros appear before their eyes.  They ask, "is it time to brush my teeth?" and that's a first...  They never give us any static about brushing, but this is the first time ever that they actively ask to do it.

Layla and Easton were given the opportunity to attend a week-long camp at a local church.  It was amazing.  The twins enjoyed every minute they spent there and already talked about how excited they are for next summer.  As Layla was getting ready for the big finale night of the camp I walked into the bathroom to find her applying that stuff women put on their eye lashes...  Let me Google that.  Ah, it's called "mascara".

In this humorous moment above I said, "When did you start wearing makeup?  Your eyelashes are already a foot long and you are beautiful with or without makeup!"  She said, "I know I am...  I just want to do this for our performance tonight at the camp finale."  Fair enough...  I walked away scratching my head wondering "what happened to the little baby girl I played peek-a-boo with?"

Ouma Oupa and I went to the two-hour long finale which included viewing Layla's art gallery.  She ended up in the art track of the camp so her days were spent learning how to draw and paint.  She picked a ballerina to draw.  No surprise there...

Easton was in the music track.  He learned how to play drums and the caj√≥n.  It's a wooden box with a hole in it.  He played on stage for the packed room of kids and relatives.  I am proud of him for being brave enough to get on stage and play for the crowd.  Kendra experienced the finale through Facetime.  It wasn't ideal, but she was able to see Layla show off her art work and watch Easton perform on stage. We missed her and I know she wanted to be here so badly for these moments, but we are making due with what we have.  Easton has a new instrument and Layla has a portfolio of art work.

Oupa has keys to school gym since he is the PE teacher.  The benefit for Easton and Layla is that they were privileged to test out the newly finished gym floor.  The idea was to get the twins some exercise on the scooters, but Oupa ended up pushing them around the floor as they giggled.

Well, how about that.  What a difference five years makes!  This next picture was taken five years ago.  It's fun to see what has and hasn't changed.  Five years from now I won't be able to retake this because Oupa will be retired!

We had our second annual Oakland A's outing this past week.  I expect this tradition will continue as long as we have summer time in Sacramento.  The twins each at a monster 18 inch corn dog.  Easton like mustard, Layla likes ketchup...  This is what having twins is like.  Different but the same.

Easton and Layla chased down the Dennis Eckersley Hall of Fame racing mascot as they were wondering around the stadium.  The A's won 14-1 with several homers and a grand slam!

Oupa picked a great day to be here.  These are the fun memories we get to make.  I know it's a sacrifice of time and challenges in travel, but the twins will remember these for the rest of their lives.

The drive there and home was fairly quiet and manageable thanks to Star Wars movies and smooth driving conditions.  We saw the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance, but other than that there weren't too many things more interesting than the Empire Strikes Back.

There is this tension inside me for the past two weeks.  I'm happy we came to visit Ouma and Oupa.  I'm sad Kendra isn't here with us.  I'm happy to see my coworkers and boss face-to-face, but sad for the kids to spend all day without her around.  I'm happy we escaped the heat for a so many days, but I can't wait to get back to the valley of the sun because Kendra is there waiting.  The range of emotions is higher and lower than any other trip we've taken for the past 13 years, but my strength comes from knowing emotions don't control me or dictate how well our trip goes.  Enjoying every moment and looking forward to being one with my one and only again in a few days.

See you soon!

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