Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dad

Greetings friends and family,

Today is my dad's 70th birthday!  I don't have any pictures because I'm not able to be there and he's not able to be here.  I'm in Phoenix focused on supporting Kendra through chemo for her cancer and he's in Springfield focused on daily radiation treatments for his cancer.  There is no way around my disappointment.  I wanted so much to be with my dad to celebrate such a big occasion.  i was able to talk by phone and catch up, but it's not the same as giving a big hug and being present.  These are just seasons of life and I understand things will change, but I don't know what the next year or season will bring.  Life definitely changes.  no doubt about that.  The things I'm working through lately is control.  learning that I have no control over anything or anyone is a big shift.  I don't control Kendra or my kids or my dad or anyone else except met.   It's a hard reality pill to swallow, but getting to that place of acceptance is key.

My dad is somewhat surprised he made it to 70 years old considering how young his father was when he passed away.  I'm not surprised at all because I've heard my parents quote the verse that says "honor your parents and your days will be long on the Earth".  My dad honored his parents while they were alive and continues to honor them in their death.  Either I believe the Bible or i don't.  If I believe it's true then there is no need to be surprised when it turns out to be true.  The promises of the Bible are greater than genetics, life situations, poor choices, excellent choices, environmental factors and any other thing that might play into the length of a person's life.  I'm enjoying watching the truth be played out in my dad's story as he's enjoying a long life.  My mom's dad is 97 and Kendra's grandma is 87.  There are some good genes in the 4 Webb family that will increase the odds of an even longer life.

Anyway, I celebrate my dad's birthday from far away by honoring him and acknowledging the successes in life, ministry, marriage, parenting, friendship and every other relationship he's engaged in throughout his life.  There isn't anything I can add to or take away from for his accomplishments so i'll just end this section by saying happy birthday to my Pa and looking forward to next year's birthday when we can both declare cancer-free victories together.

I bought Kendra a mug for her hot tea concoctions.  It says, "Every day holds a possibility of a miracle."  To me every single day is a miracle.  She is a walking miracle.  I love that she shines so brightly no matter what is going on around her or inside her body.  She is free in spite of her circumstances.

Our marriage "life group" class is going very well.  I look forward to it each week and even though I'm teaching it, I'm experiencing so much personal growth.  One of the things we suggested for the class was to find a Bible verse that describes your spouse, memorize it, and write it out.  Here's mine:

Our friend Stephanie drove Kendra to and from her doctor's appointment and spent the day together.  She came home with a new wig that Stephanie bought for her.  She's a part-time red-head now!  It looks great on her, but it will take some getting used to.  We went out window shopping.  Kendra sat on a couch to see how it felt and I just had to take a picture.

Then as we were wondering around a store I passed a mirror and chuckled a little because with my mo-hawk hair cut and clean-shaven face I look different and Kendra with her red hair definitely looks different.  We are being transformed on the inside with our souls and there is an outward transformation going on as well.

In an odd twist of fate I am able to spend my dad's birthday with my father-in-law on a golf course.  I'm grateful for the time he gets to spend in our house this summer.  His calendar is based on the school schedule so he has a whole month to hang out with the 4 Webbs!  Glad he brought his clubs because he gets to enjoy his own golf clubs while helping me continually learn how to hit with mine.  We had a great day on the golf course.  Notice we have our "Team Webb" hats on to show our support for Kendra.  

See you soon!

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