Friday, April 24, 2015

Ouma, Nana, Joanie

Greetings friends and family,

Ouma and Oupa were here.  Then they left.  Nana was here.  Then she left.  Joanie is here and we aren't going to let here leave.  ever... and that's the summary of who's been running the Webb house for the past seven weeks.

Kendra's back is healing very slowly now that radiation treatment has the tumor in remission.  I am breathing a sigh of relief louder each that that proves her pain is decreasing and her activity is increasing.

I did a terrible job of taking pictures with Ouma when she was here, but there's something about retreating to survival mode that doesn't lead to very many picture worthy moments.  Ouma had those with the twins, but they were during times when I wasn't around. so all i can say is "thanks Ouma and Oupa!"

Then my mom was here for a week and brought her own flavor of grandma time to the twin's world. One of the coolest things about my mom being here was her help to create their "family tree" project for school.  She helped them understand more clearly their lineage and great grandparents.  both got great project credit and a good learning experience.

We welcomed Nana into our home with a full size poster of happiness thanks to Layla's coloring skills.  The day to day functioning of our household is extremely dependent on the kindness of whoever is being our live-in extended family.  The 4 Webbs are very grateful!

I'm keeping my head above water with just being a husband, a dad, an employee, and an executive pastor.  being a care giver for Kendra and home-maker is far beyond what I can handle by myself so having Nana and Ouma and now Joanie in town is crucial right now to our success and sanity.

She brought two rays of sunshine, Daphne and Trinity. her daughters.  that means Easton and Layla's cousins!  The twins were looking forward to their arrival with extreme anticipation and happiness because of the great memories from last summer when we went to Missouri to visit them and my family.  Princesses were right at home in Layla's closet and our house.

and the pool is officially open for business this summer.  Even though we are barely into spring according to the calendar we are well into the "warm enough" season for pool water.  It's chilly, no doubt, but given the chance to swim in April they were troopers about the cold water.

Luckily we have plenty of warm sun to heat them up afterwards.  Easton is being included as much as a boy can with three fairy princesses.  I have a few dozen pics of the twins with their cousins and will look forward to sorting through them soon.

I bought Kendra a temporary handicap pass.  We printed the form, got the doctor's signature, and went to a 3rd party place to get the pass.  Now Kendra doesn't have to walk so far when she's able to go out.  It's a temporary pass though so she has to be healed by October.  That's what I'm believing for.

As a catch-up for Kendra's cancer situation...  She is done with the Cyberknife radiation treatment.  We met with the oncologist and she gave us the schedule for the next 7 months of treatment.  Kendra had a port insertion surgery to implant a little plastic thing for her weekly chemotherapy process.  Now we wait for April 30th for her to start the chemo process.  They gave us plenty of reading material to go through.  I'm becoming an expert in something I never cared about before.  Kendra's demeanor is just as cheery as the photograph portrays.  we are not naive about what she's been through or what we are going through, but we are hopeful there will be good results and good reports.

thank you for praying for kendra and the healing she needs!  See you soon.

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