Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Cousin Time

Greetings friends and family,

With Daphne and Trinity here for their first time in Arizona we're going all out to show them around and have our own adventures.  I was going to take the twins and Daphne and Trinity out for dinner, but Trinity was out of gas from a full day of fun.  I took the three amigos to Rustler's Rooste, which included sliding down the slide a few times, admiring the excellent views, and eating rattle snake and fried prickly pear cactus.

Daphne was very brave and didn't flinch even when I showed her the snake skeleton on the plate.  The view of the city is one of the best in the entire phoenix valley.  Not that a seven year old can really understand the unique opportunity they have to overlook our city from such a cool spot.

The balloon guy generated a buzz by making balloon animals for the table next to us.  He said "mermaid?" and Layla nodded with a huge smile.

Easton went through several ideas from the balloon guy before his eyes lit up when he said, "scorpion?"

Daphne didn't wait for a list of options.  She just said, "rose!" And he gladly creates one just the way she asked. 

We caught an incredible sunset view before heading home late.  The bedtime routine was rushed but the delayed sleep time was well worth it for the fun experience.  

Joanie took the kids to Makutus island, which is an indoor playground with a two story playhouse. The kids ran around looking for each other about half of the time we spent there. 

All three kids took a turn on the trampoline bungee attraction after an hour long wait.  Layla was first so she could show the girls how to do it.  

Fearless trinity was next.  The ride operator slowly increased her height and trinity responded with cheers of excitement.  

Daphne was rather quiet but her smiles showed how much she enjoyed it.  I forgot my camera so this crummy iPhone blur of a picture is as good as it gets. 

We did our best to find the balance between boredom and over exertions.  I hope did a good job. I know the twins were sad to see them go and asked for one more week of fun.  I asked trinity what she misses most about being home.  She said "my dog" and didn't mention her dad or brothers at all.  We chuckled in the front seat because she has the cutest, most innocent responses. 

See you soon!

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