Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kendra's update

Howdy friends and family,

I'm posting this as a separate blog because I have a bunch of other pics and content to share related to the twins.  After all, this is called "adventures with twins", right?

This is the only picture I've taken of Kendra within the past week that she will allow me to post.

Kendra is able to sit, stand, and walk (slowly).
Her pain is manageable by ibuprofen with zero narcotics!
The turtle shell back brace isn't stylish, but it's functional.
She is tired of lying in bed so much, but she's obeying doctor's orders very well.
Many people graciously offer to help, but I have no idea what we need. The meals provided by our church family have been incredibly helpful. The flowers, gifts, calls, texts, visits, prayers, and love are overwhelmingly wonderful.

Here is the bizarre timeline of where we were and where we are going.
16 days ago - admitted to hospital due to back pain.
15 days ago - MRI and CT scan showed a tumor in her T12 vertebrae and fracture from the tumor
14 days ago - Ultrasound discovered a tumor in her pelvis
13 days ago - Transferred to St. Josephs hospital
12 days ago - prepare for hysterectomy surgery
11 days ago - hysterectomy with removal of 15cm cancerous ovarian tumor
10 days ago - recover from surgery and rest
9 days ago - biopsy of vertebral bone
8 days ago - discharged from the hospital to come home!
7 days ago - Pathology report confirms the ovarian cancer was stage "1C"
3 days ago - MRI scan for abdomen
1 day ago - Doctor discovered a lesion on her liver

MONDAY - Biopsy surgery of the lesion on her liver
TUESDAY - Meet with radiation oncologist to review treatment plan for her T12 vertebrae and (potentially) liver. Probably 3 CyberKnife treatments over 2 weeks.
WEDNESDAY - Meet with Gynecologic Oncologist to review treatment plan for Chemotherapy. Probably 5-6 months
THURSDAY - Kendra's Dad, Steven, arrives!
FRIDAY - Meet with Neurosurgeon to review the recovery plan for her vertebrae
Beyond this is just dense fog with occasional rays of sunshine

Kendra's Status:
Ovarian cancer : GONE! Successful hysterectomy with no complications. 15 cm tumor removed completely with no free-floating cancer cells.
Broken T12 vertebrae : We believe healing is in process. pain is decreasing. Kendra will wear the back brace for 6 months
Bone cancer : We believe 3 treatments of CyberKnife radiation will last 2 weeks and completely eradicate it.
Liver cancer : We believe for deLIVERance. We know there is a lesion with cells that look suspicious. Maybe they are wearing sunglasses and a hoodie?
Pray in agreement with us by believing for:
- the biopsy procedure on Monday to go smoothly
- the pathology report for her liver to have favorable results
- the doctors to have wisdom for the treatment planning
- Kendra's pain remains low and goes away as her vertebrae heals.

Here's a brief guide about how I'm peaceful in the middle of life turning upside down for the 4 Webbs:
I know my role as the husband. This includes loving Kendra exactly as she is where she is and in the way she best receives love.
I believe in God and that He is good. all the time. He desires to heal Kendra and the only limit to God's power is our faith and belief in Him.
I believe this is temporary. Kendra's healing is a work in progress towards complete restoration of health.
I refuse to allow my circumstances to determine my happiness.
I have doubts occasionally because of the facts, but always end up back at the truth.
I rarely talk to Kendra about being cancer-free. I'm not in denial, but that's not the goal. She is not on this Earth to just be cancer-free. over the past few weeks my heart is focused on who Kendra is and not her experiences. We talk about going to the beach again. We talk about water slides and roller coasters. We talk about family hikes and someday conquering Camelback mountain as a family. We talk about our hopes and dreams for Easton and Layla. We talk about the future knowing she has one and we are all in it together.

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