Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Little Miss Muffet

Greetings friends and family,

While school is going on there aren't nearly enough interactions between the twins and I.  Their school and homework end at the same time my work does:  right before dinner.  They have roughly two hours each night to eat dinner and do the bed time routine.  That doesn't leave many minutes to connect with me, but as with all things we make time for what is important.

Kendra is spending hours each week helping ladies from church.  One evening I had the entire block of evening time to connect.  We went to Arby's for roast beef and then to Bahama Bucks for shaved ice.  I have coupons for both places and proudly cashed in for a half-off daddy date.  I think the treat tasted better because I used a coupon?  Anyway, you can see by Easton's sticker-covered shirt that he was the star pupil in his class.  He is helpful and smart.  Especially when compared to his classmates.

The cloudy weather isn't cooperating with our daily swim plans.  That also means the Titanic remote control is stuck at the port.  As I stood in the backyard monitoring the pool pumps I heard Hootie the owl making his owl noise.  Easton hopped on my back in his pajamas and we headed out through the greenbelt guided by his occasional hoot.  We ended up under the tree where he was, but couldn't see him.  Then he launched out of the middle of the tree and flew directly over our heads towards the neighborhood.  Easton thought that was the coolest experience of his whole week.  And Layla was mad because her bad choice led to a bad consequence of not joining us for the Hootie hunt.  see how that works?

Sunday morning was a rare opportunity to hang with the twins.  I normally go to both services at church, but recently have been re-prioritizing.  Instead of going to first service I took the twins out for Ihop breakfast.  Layla asked to sit with me so I gave Easton the camera to take our picture.  It's about time they start taking the pictures instead of just being in them like they have for the past 6 years.  

My Sunday included breakfast from 8-9, then church from 9am to 9pm.  12 hours for church?  yes.  and that's why i don't feel bad for even one second to skip first service.  I spent my time greeting people, attending service, holding a leadership work session for our ministry, teaching class to 40 people, and finished the night up with a one-on-one meeting with my friend who was delivered from the spirit of rejection.

Saturday started at 8:00 am to open the church for the carpet cleaner and included hours of reading, planning, writing, and ministry time to help our friend make the decision to stay married to her husband.  Not bad for a weekend...  Although I don't know how many more of those weekends I can handle where my "days off" from my normal job are so busy.  Everything works in cycles, thank goodness.

Kendra and I were taking a shower...  Wait, am I allowed to write that?  Oh yeah.  that's right, I almost forgot this is my blog and not an forum to judge my political correctness.  Anyway, as we were showering together I stepped out first and was drying off.  Kendra screamed like someone with a knife was in there with her.  She stepped out of the shower with shampoo suds everywhere and continued to scream.  She said "how did that get in there?" pointing down to the floor.  I opened the door to find this quarter-sized spider sitting there.  

I was laughing and found the time to take a picture before squishing it with a flip-flop.  We had a brief eulogy and funeral before plunging it to its watery grave with a flush.  Kendra didn't think my laughing or the picture or sarcastic eulogy were funny, but she loves me anyway.  :)  and now you know how she earned her new nickname "Little Miss Muffet".

See you soon!

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